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Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world -- 
Percy Shelley  

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Sunday, January 15, 2017, 4 pm
The Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, 856 Pacific St.
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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NOTICE: This will be broadcast live on NET TV

Join us as we attempt to recapture the real intent of The Martin Luther King Holiday -- public service through public action. On Sunday, January 15th, the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture will present a concert entitled "The Strength to Love -- A Unity Concert"It will take place at the beautiful Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, 856 Pacific St., Brooklyn, NY at 4 pm on the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend. 

The concert program will be comprised of the music that provided the spiritual nourishment to allow Dr. King and others to do what they did. This includes the music of Handel, Bach, and Giuseppe Verdi. We are featuring the African-American Spiritual in the rarely-performed "Life of Christ" song cycle composed and compiled by Roland Hayes. Many musicians will join us, including Elvira Green, Gregory Hopkins, Frank Mathis, Everett Suttle and others. There will be performances of choral works by the Schiller Institute NY Community Chorus, directed by John Sigerson and Diane Sare.

As Dr. Bernard Lafayette, a collaborator of Dr. King, has pointed out, "you didn't really have a movement until people were composing their own songs." Those songs, however, must be composed on the principle of Love, not hate. The weak hate. It takes strength to love.

All meaningful action for change, if it is to succeed, must proceed from this moral higher ground. That has always been the basis for the best of what is known today as "the practice of Classical culture". Nearly lost today, this is what our Foundation has set out to revive.

The title for the concert, "Strength to Love", refers to a compilation of sermons presented by Dr. Martin Luther King and released in 1963. Dr. King wrote: "Man can think a poem and write it...He can think a symphony and compose it...He can think of a great civilization and produce it. He can be a Handel moving into the highest heavens and transcribing the glad thunders and gentle sighings of the great Messiah. By his ability to reason, his power and memory, and his gift of imagination, man transcends time and space. As marvelous as are the stars, as great as is Handel's Messiah the mind of the man that studies them."  

This performance, as with all performances sponsored by the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture, will follow the Verdi Tuning of A=432Hz (C=256Hz), the proper and optimal tuning for the human voice.

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