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“Securing World Peace Through
Embracing the Common Aims of Mankind”

Schiller Institute Conference
Saturday, September 10, 2016, 12 noon – 4:30 pm
New York Cit

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Questions and Answers

DENNIS SPEED:  Okay. So, we're now going to show our tape. .... Let me also point out that people should go to the literature table where our solution for what Americans should do, has been thoroughly outlined in our World Land-Bridge report. The United States should assume the identity it used to have, as a productive nation, which actually gave birth to all of the policies that we are actually talking about in Russia or China today.

People should visit the literature table. They should make sure that they get that. Actually, the best thing you could do, is to begin to act by reading about that policy, to implement that policy.

Let me know if we're ready to go with the video. ... Some of you know that something happened yesterday in the United States, and it was done by this gentleman, in addition to ourselves. He changed your lives yesterday, so you should pay close attention. .... Okay, go ahead, roll tape.


United States Congressman Walter Jones
9/11 and the Significance of the Release of the 28 Page: The Next Step

WALTER JONES: [pre-recorded video]  I am Congressman Walter Jones. I represent the 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina in the United States House of Representatives, and I'm so pleased to have just a moment of your time to welcome those of you to the Schiller Conference, and a beautiful weekend of remembrance. There will be music, there will be appreciation for those families whose loved ones lost their life on 9/11.

Again, I want to thank you for being in attendance today. I wish I could be with you, but because of my schedule, I am not able to be there. I work with Senator Bob Graham, who I have the greatest respect for. Also, my colleagues in the House, Steve Lynch from Massachusetts, and Thomas Massie [from Kentucky], and the 9/11 families. We spent over four years working. And I want to thank the LaRouche team for helping us with this, as well.

We were able to get the 28 pages which had been classified from the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry, declassified—the 28 pages. I'm so pleased that we've taken that step forward for the 9/11 families, and also for the American people. The truth is critical to the future of this great nation.

I think it's been very rewarding and humbling, because the majority of my colleagues really had taken the time to read the 28 pages. They found out that what we've been saying for four years: there's nothing about national security in there; it's about relationships. We know that in the 28 pages, that Prince Bandar and his wife funneled money through a conduit to the 9/11 attackers. It's just good information to add to the tragedy of that horrendous day, when so many Americans were killed.

Our plans are, as you know, this is a short year because of national elections, so what we're going to do in the month of September, myself and Mr. Massie and Mr. Lynch, we're going to write the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee, and tell them that in the new Congress, if we all get re-elected, that we're going to ask for hearings in the new Congress, as it relates to the 28 pages, and the fact that there's more information that needs to be made public about that horrendous event that took place in our country.

It should influence foreign policy. To me, the Saudis, I mean the Royal Family, which is a big family—we all know that; but we know that they were somewhat complicit in what happened on 9/11, and I think additional information that comes forward will help the future leaders of America better understand the world that we live in. So I see this as it will help the pain of the families who lost loved ones on 9/11, but again, it will help to strengthen—I would hope—the administrations of today, but also the administrations of the future, as they deal with those who have not been our friends all the time.

I think for us that we should say "thank you" to the Obama Administration, because what they did, they let the House and the Senate Chairmen and Ranking Members of the Intel Committee know that they were going to recommend to the House and Senate that they declassify the 28 pages. I think what we need to do, and the people at the conference this weekend, we need not to sit back and say it's over, because it's not over. It's never over when that many—3,000 Americans—were killed, and the families have been in pain for so long. We need the total truth to come forward.

And that's why, again, I want to thank the LaRouche group that I have met in Washington, D.C. that worked so hard to help me get this done. And I also want to thank Bob Graham for being the leader on this effort, and to say to everyone in the conference: We need to demand more information to come forward. And so, with that, I'm just honored to be a very small part of this.

SPEED:  All right, we're at 4:25, so I'm going to exercise a certain prerogative, which is not really mine, since in fact we have to start emptying out the room at 4:30. And it's just to say the following: Helga LaRouche, when she founded the Schiller Institute, was concerned that there's a cultural question which is bigger than any political question. There's a cultural question that's larger than any economic question. And that cultural question is, what is a culture, and what does it mean that people all over the world have different ones, but that they all have something in their culture which is advanced, which expresses what it means to be human, and can you create a concert, a kind of concordantia, as Cusa called it, among people, based on the best of who they are?

When you try to do that, people oppose you. In the meeting today—not in the meeting, but around the meeting—those forces of opposition have been made very unhappy, as should be apparent, because of the fact that the LaRouches are very involved right now in China, in Russia, and in many other nations. There is a new moment that has, if you will, emerged in the world. It's not just what you're seeing, it's the process that has been unleashed, and it's a process that went on for 40 years, as we referenced.

Schiller said in Don Carlos—he had actually the Marquis De Posa say in Don Carlos—that, "A purpose that higher reason hath conceived, which men's afflictions urge, ten thousand times defeated, may never be abandoned." You can't take up the cause of humanity, and then say, after fighting for it for a year, or 10 years, or 20 years, "Well, I fought for it. I fought the good fight. That's it. Didn't win." Doesn't work. Doesn't work. That's not what they did, and that's not what we do. You fight, and you fight, and you fight. And because you keep fighting, you cannot be defeated. That's one of Mr. Lyndon LaRouche's famous—and favorite—sayings. He can never be defeated, because he won't stop fighting.

Of course it does helps to know what the weapons of fighting are, and that's why a person like Wolfgang Mozart makes such a great difference in our history. That's why someone like Ludwig van Beethoven makes such a big difference. He once wrote a note back to his brother. He had some problems with his brother, who was a landowner, and so he writes to Beethoven: "Your brother, landowner." And Beethoven wrote back to him: "Your brother, brain-owner." [laughter] It's important. It's like the other thing: "You are merely a prince; I am Beethoven." Some of you know about this. He would say these sorts of things. He was very, very clear about what it was that the true dignity of human beings was.

And so, as we leave here now, you've been involved in something that hasn't happened in the United States before, or at least recently. Maybe you can go back to the '60s—this sort of thing may have happened. But what it is that just happened, is you have been now charged with what you have been told to go out and do something with it. And that's the responsibility of the American citizen. No other citizenry in the world has the prerogatives of action that you were given, through the actions of Alexander Hamilton, Franklin, Washington, and others.

The issue of whether or not the United States has a culture, is the issue as to whether or not the United States has the courage to listen to the persistent words and actions that Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have carried out. As you've just heard, you've heard the various people who've said, "Yeah, we want to thank you for what you've been doing." Well, what we want to say to you, is that that is thanks that is deserved only by the actions that we take, and we here highly resolve to take, not only on behalf of truth, but what's called also beauty. Because you can only really proceed to freedom through beauty, and you only can proceed to truth that way.

It's important just to say, as we close, that of course, Lyndon LaRouche has been involved in something called the "Manhattan Project." If you had questions as to what it was, you just saw what it is! It's an idea that he invented, and it came right after, actually—or during—a Schiller Institute conference that we celebrated in 2014. I would just invite everyone to join that Project. That doesn't have to mean that you're in Manhattan; it doesn't mean you're in New York City. It means that you have the same idea, about the same initiative that we ask you all to take.

I want to thank you all for coming here. As some of you know, there will be a cultural event in which we're participating. The New York City Schiller Institute Community Chorus is singing. It is an event sponsored by the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture, which is a separate organization, and a cultural organization here in the city. We hope to see you all there tonight. So, again, thank you for coming, and we're now going to declare that this is closed. [applause]

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