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The Manhattan Project:
Schiller Institute Music Evening

August 15, 2015
New York City

The Schiller Institute held a beautiful "Musikabend" (Music Evening) with Classical works performed at the Verdi Tuning, on Saturday evening, August 15, 2015, in a Manhattan church. The chorus began with the first chorale from J.S. Bach's motet "Jesu, meine Freude", and at the end of the program, the entire gathering sang Verdi's "Va, pensiero" chorus from the opera "Nabucco."  The Choral Principle, as an organizing concept, has brought together professionals, amateurs, and others from the New York area to particpate in creating a New Paradigm-- a New Golden Renaissance, to reverse the cultural degenration and the drive to war. As the poet Schiller says, "It is through beauty that one proceeds to freedom." Join the Schiller Institute, and SING TO CHANGE THE WORLD.


Jesu meine Freude, Chorale (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Schiller Institute Chorus

French Suite – BWV 812, 813 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Cheryl Berard, harpsichord

Bist Du Bei Mir (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Michelle Fuchs, soprano; Cheryl Berard, harpsichord

Voi Che Sapete (Wolfgang A. Mozart)
Susan Bowen, soprano; Margaret Scialdone, piano

Der Wanderer (Franz Schubert)
Ema Reuter, mezzo soprano; Margaret Scialdone, piano

'O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion (George F Handel) 
Scott Foreman,baritone; Cheryl Berard, piano

Piangero La Sorte Mia (George F Handel) 
Michele Fuchs, soprano; Cheryl Berard , harpsichord;

Adelaide (Ludwig van Beethoven)
Selections from and discussion of Opus 24 (Robert Schumann)
John Sigerson, tenor; Margaret Greenspan, piano


Ombra Mai Fu (George F. Handel)
Emma Kronberg, mezzo soprano; Robert Wilson, piano

Liber Scriptus (Giuseppi Verdi)
Emma Kronberg, mezzo-soprano; Robert Wilson, piano

Litanai (Franz Schubert) 
Dashon Burton, bass; Margaret Greenspan, piano

Va pensiero (Giuseppi Verdi) 

Printable vocal score for Va Pensiero (PDF)

All lyrics and translations (PDF)