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Saturday May 16th, 2:00PM-5:00PM

New York City


Prometheus Unbound:
Defeating the Gods of Olympus

JEFFREY STEINBERG - Executive Intelligence ReviewCounterintelligence director
JASON ROSS -LaRouche Science Team
DIANE SARE- LaRouche Policy Committee


"Prometheus stole from Heaven the sacred fire
And swept to earth with it o'er land and sea.
He lit the vestal flames of poesy,
Content, for this, to brave celestial ire."

----Paul Laurence Dunbar, "Prometheus"

Not only poetry, but all the art and sciences were given to humanity by Prometheus' bold, successful challenge to the Olympian gods. Today, as the trans-Atlantic "Olympian" financial system collapses the physical economies of Europe and the U. S., it is urgent that we depose the secular high priests that terrify the credulous with tired, outworn myths: "if our system collapses, the world is doomed! It will be the twilight of the money-gods!"

So what? It's paper, and "digital paper"at that: It's voodoo money, issued by witch doctor banks, and the rest of the world, starting with the BRICS nations, is rapidly walking away from the "unspeakable practices and unnatural acts" that characterize the culture of zero-production that has always properly doomed the parasites of usurious empires throughout history.

Yet, how will such a resistance succeed? Since at least the year 1900, the "oracles of Olympus"--the academic authorities and secular high priests--have propagated myths and contained, controlled and crippled science, art and politics, so that "nobody knows nuthin' no more." They can be defeated – but only by a citizenry passionate enough to become reacquainted with its own Promethean, real human identity.

The followers of Zeus, in contrast, believe "the world has too many people." These Olympian depopulators, from Thomas Malthus to Prince Phillip (and California governor Jerry Brown) have always throughout history looked  upon the human species as "beasts of burden," rather than as the primary source through human creativity, of universal physical wealth.

The Promethean principle of economic growth, eloquently expressed  by Alexander Hamilton in his 1790 Report On Manufacturers, is that each developed human being is a potentially unlimited source of discovery and invention. Such creative discoveries, when applied through universal and cooperative human labor, can unlock the limitless physical potential, not only of Earth, but all of our solar system, galaxy, and beyond.
For example, we now know, that water is produced on other planets and planetary bodies – it is not an "earth-bound," or even merely earth-generated substance. Understanding the thermonuclear fusion process of the sun--a process which derives its fuel, not from a fossil fuel process, but from water, and in more advanced applications from helium-3, allows humanity to "steal Promethean Fire" from water, transforming our entire universe of physical production forever.

16 years of two Zeussian Presidencies have left the American people morally exhausted, without a Promethean, "Apollo Project"-style "Kennedy vision," exactly at the point that the world, through the auspices of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), has requested that America join the BRICS to play the joint leadership role it was born to play, for this new world combination to win--or, as Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping might say, to "win-win." There are no losers, except the Olympians.

We must pick ourselves up, dust our minds off, and "think like Prometheus." The first step in doing so, is to depose the gods of Olympus, by cleaning out the Presidency, joining the BRICS process, and lifting our eyes to the heavens--the solar system, galaxy and beyond.

Discussion will include:
What is the Glass Steagall bill, and why must it be immediately reinstated as one of  the first steps to address the current crisis.  A Resolution now been  introduced into the New York State Assembly, which urges Congress to reinstate the Glass Steagall law.

What is the American System, and how did the tradition of the revolution attack the slave powers and the  theory of mankind being nothing more than property, that could be bought and sold, rather than a unique creature, sacred and unique in his or her capability to understand and develop the universe, and ultimately the galaxy.



Robert Ingraham on Hamilton, et al.'s Manhattan-based conspiracy to create and maintain the American Republic vs. The Virginia-based slavocracy.