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Sunday, April 12th, 2015 at 5:30pm

A Musical Offering
for the Unity of the Nation

Handel's Messiah


Welcome, Introductory Remarks

Messiah excerpts

Dear Friend of the Schiller Institute,

As those of you who have come to Schiller Institute conferences since last June 12th know, the Institute, and founder Helga LaRouche, have emphasized the life-or-death nature of our succeeding in making the United States defy the disastrous policies of the last two presidencies – that of Barack Obama, and also George W. Bush – in favor of real policies of economic development offered by the BRICS nations. The recent attempt to falsely identify the conditions of life in California as a "water crisis due to climate change," must become the last straw. There is no California water shortage: there is a willful, conscious attempt to depopulate California. This was stated by Gov. Jerry Brown in an interview that he gave to the New York Times:

“For over 10,000 years, people lived in California, but the number of those people were never more than 300,000 or 400,000,” Mr. Brown said. “Now we are embarked upon an experiment that no one has ever tried: 38 million people, with 32 million vehicles, living at the level of comfort that we all strive to attain. This will require adjustment. This will require learning.”

Brown is right – but not in the way he thinks.  What this situation requires, is throwing out Brown, Obama, the Bushes, most of the present-day Republican Party, and all other purveyors of obsolete, antiquated ideas. They represent a culture of entropy, of death by stupidity. The solutions exist, but they come with a price – all old axioms must be overthrown and trampled underfoot, or the United States will not survive.  

Ben Denniston, who spoke at our Schiller conference held at Columbia University on February 14, has just written and provided the method of solution to the "California crisis" (see "New Perspectives on the Western Water Crisis").  This Sunday, the Schiller Institute Community Choir is hosting a sing-along of sections two and three of Handel's Messiah, as a musical expression of the exact same approach to challenging the cultural banality that has descended on the country and left it defenseless in the face of its own disintegration. We say "No!" to the cultural and physical disintegration of the United States. We say, there is no limit to growth, because there is no limit to the creativity of the human mind.

If you believe as we do, and if you are prepared to fight to defend those beliefs, we invite you to join us at our concert, held in celebration of the unity of New York City. "Out of Many, One"--E Pluribus Unum.

A Musical Offering 
for the Unity of New York City:
E Pluribus Unum


Join us, in an Interactive Sing-along Concert of


With the Schiller Institute Community Chorus
Come and sing, or come and listen!

Sunday, April 12, 2015  |  5:30pm - 7:00pm
Good Shepherd-Faith Presbyterian Church
152 West 66th Street (bet. Amsterdam Ave. & Broadway)


Special solo performance
Yaegy Park:

BACH Violin Sonata No. 1 in G Minor,
BWV 1001

Concert will be performed at the Verdi tuning of A=432Hz

OPEN TO PUBLIC | $10 suggested contribution

“The choice is no longer between violence and non-violence. The choice is now between non-violence and non-existence.” - Martin Luther King
Sponsored by the Schiller Institute and the
Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture

 For information call 203-441-7488 or email: or

April 12th concert flyer in PDF format

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