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Stop Green Fascism!

Swedish LaRouche Movement Delivers a Message to Green Fascist Confab

May 2011

This article appears on the Executive Intelligence Review website and is reprinted with permision.

May 17, 2011 (EIRNS)—Early this morning, nine members of the Swedish LaRouche movement arrived at the Swedish Royal Science Academy where a Nobel Laureate Symposium was being held under the chairmanship of Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, with the intent of pushing the Green fascist agenda of killing nuclear energy, fossil fuels, and thus human civilization itself. The officials thought they were meeting out of the public eye, and they couldn't have been more wrong.

The Swedish LaRouche movement members had one large banner reading "What Schellnhuber Does Not Wish To Know: Human Life Is Sacred" and two pickets "Humans Against Green Global Fascism" and "Lesson No. 1 from Copenhagen: Third World Rejects CO2 Colonialism." Everyone had to pass these signs. (continued below)


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Note: all videos are either entirely in English or have English subtitles. The 3rd video features Hussein Askary speaking English, with Swedish subtitles.

  1. Hussein Askary reporting from Nobel Laureate Symposium 3:40
  2. Green Fascists Exposed at Stockholm Symposium 3:31
  3. Hussein Askary: Låt inte denna fascistiska plan sättas i verket! 11:46
  4. Stop Green Fascism! 0:30
  5. Johan Rockström's deficit of energy-flux density 0:38
  6. Carl Folke - folkemördaren 0:38
  7. Andreas Carlgren - not in our name! 0:29
  8. Anders Wijkman och u-länderna 0:49
  9. Nobel Laureates at Stockholm Symposium 0:47
  10. Kronprinsessan Victoria bryter mot grundlagen 0:22
  11. H.J. Schellnhuber exposed! 0:37

The Commander of the British Empire, H.J. Schellnhuber, met with the Swedish King, and, what he thinks is, the smartest people in the world in the Swedish Royal Academy of Science, and pushed his genocidal plans. He lets it all hang out, almost!

Continued from above

Interestingly, first to arrive was Schellnhuber himself, whom the demonstrators received with great enthusiasm and loudly exposing his green fascist plans. The people accompanying him got statements and a leaflet from the Swedish Labor Party, the LaRouche-associated party in Sweden. One member followed Schellnhuber up the stairs towards the entrance with a video camera in hand telling him that he has been exposed. Schellnhuber was probably planning to have a quiet breakfast at this nice location before anyone arrived, but alas, that was destroyed. He looked very, very disturbed.

Later on the press came, a few Asian reporters with cameras, including a reporter from the Chinese press agency Xinhua. The demonstrators were filmed and the reporters took their statement with them inside. Journalists were only allowed in for a short press conference and the Crown Princess's statement; they were "not even offered a cup of coffee," as one reporter put it.

The Swedish Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren took the leaflet, and was told that he should not allow the government to support this mad event in the name as Swedish citizens. Some Germans were also confronted, and a woman from Schellnhuber's Potsdam Institute felt compelled to stop and start a long defense of herself.

Later, a large group Nobel Laureates arrived by bus, and they all received leaflets and had short discussions. The most interesting was Carlo Rubbia, who, when he saw the banner, said loudly but sarcastically: "Poor Schellnhuber." Former IAEA Chairman Hans Blix came later, alone, and said he knows who Lyndon LaRouche and EIR are. He told us that he is not going to sign the Stockholm Memorandum presented at this Symposium, and that he does support nuclear power, and so forth. All the Nobel Laureates were told that they should not sign this genocidal proposal.

One Laureate came back from the meeting hall and took pictures of the demonstrators. He was told that he should take pictures of the bust of Anders Retzius, the father of Swedish eugenics, adorning the garden of the Academy, and he went down and did so. The demonstrators emphasized that eugenics, like man-made climate change today, was also called a science. This was so effective, that one of the officers of the Science Academy, who called the police, argued with the demonstrators, and defended Retzius.

Of course the police came, but told the demonstrators that they had the right to be there, just don't get too close to Crown Princess Victoria who was going to come! When she did come, on demonstrator shouted to her that she is not allowed (under the Constitution) to deal with political issues, and that she is doing that by supporting this Symposium.

Another funny case was Anders Wykman, one of the most evil "right-wing" environmentalists who thinks Prince Philip is wrong about 2 billion population limit, and that 500 million humans are enough! He came in a big car, and when asked why he was in a huge car and not on a bicycle to save the environment, he apologized that specifically today he needed to be more mobile. A demonstrator told him that's also why people in developing countries need cars, and he came back, totally irritated—maybe to punch the demonstrator in the face, as he had actually done on a previous occasion, when this same person had offered him a rope to hang himself to reduce the world population—but this time he was totally speechless and went upstairs.