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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Cited in
Arabic "Right to Food" Declaration

by Hussein Askary
September 11, 2009

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (, based in Egypt, issued a declaration on Aug. 27, 2009  announcing "changes in the list of priorities" after consultations with its members, other NGOs, and other groups in Egyptian society. It announces the launching of "right to food program" due to "the crucial aspects of this right which is deteriorating rapidly as a result of privatization and so-called structural adjustment schemes that have thrown millions of Egyptians to the abyss of poverty and hunger."

The "whereas" section of the declaration cites the horrifying numbers of hungry people in the world and other statistics that are similar to those listed in Helga Zepp-LaRouche's call from May 3, 2008 for doubling world food production internationally.

Following that, the ANHRI declaration states: "This is what made Helga LaRouche, chairman of the Schiller Institute and the German Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo) say in a statement, entitled 'Mankind Is In Danger. Instead Of Wars Of Starvation, Let Us Double Food Production!' that the world is heading towards an unprecedented catastrophe."

The declaration quotes extensively from Helga's call, including the attack on speculation in food and the biofuels crime, and Helga's reference to the U.S.A. Declaration of Independence, demanding that elimination of hunger and poverty become an inalienable right for all human beings and nations, and a step towards the pursuit of happiness. It also highlights the two points Helga made for the immediate reversal of the food crisis: 1. eliminating the WTO, 2. an international mobilization for doubling food production

The ANHRI describes Helga Zepp-LaRouche as "German-born, specialist in studies of the German thinker Nicholas of Cusa and the German poet Friedrich Schiller. Chairman and founder of the international Schiller Institute. Leader of political campaigns in Germany with the Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo). Initiator of various initiatives for a dialogue of cultures."

In the weeks preceding the Rome summit meeting of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in June 2008, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche's call was reported extensively in the Egyptian press and other media, as the Egyptian government and President Hosni Mubarak adopted the fight against biofuels and speculation in food on the international financial markets as Egypt's main mission at the FAO summit. The ANHRI declaration appears in the Arabic section of its website, not the English.

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