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The Mighty Wurlitzer Implodes:
British Legal Attacks Against Lyndon LaRouche Exposed As Frauds

December 2010

Two ongoing British legal attacks against American political economist Lyndon LaRouche have been exposed as complete frauds by recent developments in the case of Marielle Kronberg vs. Lyndon LaRouche, et al., a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The frauds are the Kronberg case itself, and an ongoing inquest being conducted by North London Coroner Andrew Walker in England, concerning the March 2003 death of Jeremiah Duggan in Wiesbaden, Germany. The Federal Magistrate in Kronberg's case recommended, on Nov. 8, 2010, that her case be dismissed for abuse of the Federal legal system, involving Kronberg's complete failure to obey court directives ordering her to produce evidence supporting both her own claims and answering the defenses put forward by LaRouche and his co-defendants. The defendants documented to the Magistrate in their motion to dismiss, through Kronberg's own published statements on the Internet, that her lawsuit is frivolous, and an effort to harass defendants and drain them financially on behalf of what Kronberg calls her "jihad" against LaRouche.

Since 2007, Molly Kronberg has functioned as a significant witness in the British Duggan proceedings and a major U.S. promoter of the British intelligence hoax concerning Jeremiah Duggan's death.

Both British intelligence-directed legal hoaxes are desperate efforts to "dirty up LaRouche" and prevent passage of the global Glass-Steagall initiative championed by him. The British have called LaRouche's Glass-Steagall proposal, a proposal for a credit system as defined by Alexander Hamilton and the U.S. Constitution, tantamount to an act of war, in "diplomatic" discussions with their U.S. counterparts. LaRouche's proposal represents the only sane alternative to the monetarist debacle proposed by the Inter-Alpha Group and the City of London, in which the entire world population is catapulted into a New Dark Age, to salvage the Empire's worthless paper.

The City of London and the Royal Family directly have campaigned to smear LaRouche ever since the 1978 publication of the book Dope Inc., which documented British banking control of the international narcotics trade. In 2003, these efforts intensified when LaRouche led an international campaign to expose the British Empire's seduction of the U.S. into the disastrous Iraq War, through phony intelligence concerning the nuclear capabilities of Saddam Hussein.

On April 3, 2003 and June 9, 2003 the BBC featured LaRouche's charges against Vice President Dick Cheney and Prime Minister Tony Blair for faking Iraq intelligence, and on May 29 and June 2, 2003, the BBC featured charges from inside British intelligence that Blair's office had "sexed up" the case for war. The source who seconded LaRouche's charges on BBC was government weapons scientist Dr. David Kelly. In short order, the BBC itself came under withering attack from the Blair government over its Iraq war coverage, with firings and reorganizations, and Dr. David Kelly was dead--murdered, according to British doctors and other officials currently campaigning to reopen his case. The Blair government claimed Kelly had committed suicide.

The Duggan Hoax

To punish and discredit LaRouche, Blair's circles seized upon the March 2003 death of British student Jeremiah Duggan, who committed suicide while attending a conference in Germany opposing the Iraq War and promoting international infrastructure development, sponsored by the Schiller Institute, led by Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

Initially, Duggan's mother, Erica Duggan, accepted the German police investigation's conclusions that her son's death was a suicide. However, upon her return to England and consultations with a bevy of long-standing, low-level retainers employed against LaRouche, Duggan began making wild allegations to the effect that Jeremiah was the victim of foul play and/or murder by sinister individuals associated with Lyndon LaRouche. She attacked the first British inquest into her son's death as a coverup, and then gained the support of Blair/Cheney crony Baroness Elizabeth Symons, in January 2004, to mount an international propaganda campaign against LaRouche, centered around her fraudulent claims. Symons was, at the time, a Minister of State with the Foreign Office; she was also the wife of Phil Bassett, who ran Blair's propaganda effort for the Iraq War.

Media in the U.S., Britain, and continental Europe gave frequent coverage to Erica Duggan's allegations of murder, as a result of a public relations efforts conducted through the prominent London lawfirm that represents her. However, the German prosecutors and court system, when presented with the purported evidence backing these charges, declared them to be fraudulent. In February 2010, the German Constitutional Court, Germany's highest court, backed the investigative conclusion of German authorities that Duggan committed suicide through his own act, and derided Erica Duggan's unfounded assertions as the equivalent of a devious conspiracy theory.

The Kronberg Hoax

On April 11, 2007, Ken Kronberg, a leader of the LaRouche movement in the U.S. and the president of the print and composition shops which printed literature for the movement, committed suicide. Almost immediately after this tragic event, by April 23, 2007, Erica Duggan had inserted herself into the U.S. police investigation of the suicide, claiming to the Loudoun County, Virginia, Sheriff's Department that the circumstances had similarities to the death of her son. The Sheriff's Department declared Kronberg's death a suicide and stated that there was no reason to believe that LaRouche intended to harm Kronberg, despite Molly Kronberg's contrary insinuations.

Documents now in the possession of defense in the Kronberg case show that Molly Kronberg had been in discussions with embittered and "deprogrammed" former members of the LaRouche movement promoting the Duggan hoax in the year prior to her husband's suicide. The same gaggle of ex-members had argued in 2004 that financial destruction of Ken Kronberg's printing plant would destroy the political movement.

Molly Kronberg told Sheriff's Deputies on April 23, 2007 that she had been at odds with LaRouche since 1989 and hated him, although her husband did not agree. Court documents show that by the evening of her husband's suicide, Kronberg had decided to use his tragic death and the grief of Ken Kronberg's associates in the LaRouche movement, as a weapon against LaRouche. Throughout the summer and fall of 2007, Kronberg aligned herself with various assets of the British Duggan campaign, including Dennis King and Chip Berlet, in harassment and defamation activities against the LaRouche movement. She also shopped her wrongful death claims concerning Ken Kronberg to various lawyers who refused to take her case.

The piece de resistance of this 2007 propaganda effort was an article which appeared in the November 2007 Washington Monthly magazine, authored by Avi Klein, "Publish and Perish," for which Molly Kronberg was the major source. According to evidence now possessed by the defense in the Kronberg case, Avi Klein was introduced to a literary agent by New York financier John Train and, subsequent to the article's publication, was offered financial assistance by Train. John Train, a veteran of the Congress of Cultural Freedom, and intelligence efforts against the Soviets in Afghanistan, has deep ties to British intelligence. In 1983-85, he convened a series of salons at his New York apartment, with various media moguls and journalists, to plan an all-out defamation effort against LaRouche. This propaganda campaign was in response to LaRouche's success in getting the Strategic Defense Initiative adopted by the Reagan Administration, and was seen by Train and his associates as a necessary step in creating the climate for LaRouche's prosecution.

On Oct. 17, 2008, Kronberg attended and spoke at a conference sponsored by the Duggan campaign in Germany, which sought to ban the activities of German political entities associated with LaRouche. She and the gaggle of ex-LaRouche associates and Wikipedia editors with whom she collaborates on Internet defamations of LaRouche, otherwise spent 2008 and 2009 monitoring and attempting to disrupt the activities of the LaRouche Youth Movement, particularly its campaign for adoption of the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act by various U.S. states, in response to the economic crisis.

Kronberg and her cohort junior G-men also engaged in petty activities and theft, spamming members of the LaRouche movement with "Animal Farm"-level hate mail against LaRouche, and stealing internal documents of the LaRouche movement, which Kronberg then plastered all over the Internet, with her commentary. Many of Kronberg's defamation claims against LaRouche are based on internal documents stolen by her or her associates and published widely on the Internet by Kronberg, not by the defendants in the case.

When LaRouchePAC publicly responded, for the first time, to Kronberg's 22-month "jihad," by publishing, in early 2009, that she had lied when she testified on the tax count in LaRouche's 1988 Federal trial, Kronberg got into contact with John Markham, the former U.S. Attorney who led the LaRouche prosecution efforts. Markham agreed to sue LaRouche on Kronberg's behalf. According to documents in the defense's possession in the case, the intention of the lawsuit was to "shut down" the LaRouche movement. According to numerous court filings by Kronberg, Markham was the only attorney willing to take the case.

In addition to prosecuting LaRouche, Markham has represented Ahmad Chalabi, widely accused of providing the phony intelligence which led to the Iraq War, and Mordechai Levy, the violence-prone individual who runs the Jewish Defense Organization, which is considered to be a terrorist organization by many in U.S. law enforcement. Markham is a former member of the avowedly satanic Process Church.

John Markham was disqualified as Kronberg's lawyer in April 2010 by the Federal judge overseeing Kronberg's lawsuit, because Markham's former role in prosecuting LaRouche and other persons who would be witnesses in the case created an unfair advantage under the legal ethics rules, and because his role as Kronberg's lawyer would appeared objectively improper to the public. Since Markham's disqualification, Kronberg has refused to provide court-ordered discovery materials to the defense, blaming her actions on Markham's successor counsel, who withdrew as Kronberg's attorney.

Immediately following the Magistrate's recommendation that her case be dismissed, a new attorney entered the case on Kronberg's behalf and began conferring with the disqualified John Markham, resulting in additional motions to the Court concerning misconduct by Kronberg and her legal team in defiance of the disqualification order, by LaRouche and other associates.

On the English side of this British hoax, while considerable chicanery resulted in the opening of a second inquest in the Duggan case in May of 2010, Erica Duggan has recently accused Scotland Yard of foot-dragging and stalling the inquest which has not reported back to the Coroner since May. Documents and other evidence available to LaRouchePAC from European sources show that the Duggans' so-called new evidence consists mainly of unreliable and false atrocity tales, some of them over 30 years old, promulgated by a few "deprogrammed" ex-members of the LaRouche movement and others, and third- and fourth-hand hearsay accounts of events at the 2003 Wiesbaden conference, from individuals who were not even present. Duggan's blog states that she has filed a complaint against Germany with the European Court. Incredibly, she accuses German state entities of being in collusion with LaRouche.

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