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Schiller Monuments

Schiller Park in Columbus, Ohio.


Lauren Long / The Post-Standard


Goethe and Schiller Monument,
Syracuse, N.Y.


  Central Park, New York City
Central Park, New York City. View close-up



n 1984, when the Schiller Institute was founded, there were celebrations of Schiller's birthday in cities across the globe. Many American cities had statues of Schiller, like this one. On Saturday, May 11, 2013, this St. Paul, Minnesota statue was rededicated. entertainment/ci_23203211/ schiller-statue-at-como-wil l-be-rededicated-choral


JEN RYNDA staff photographer
(2007) Given to the city [of Rochester, New York] by its large community of German immigrants, the statue was installed in Anderson Park at University Avenue and East Main Street. When the Inner Loop invaded this space, the monument was moved to its current location — diagonally across from Harro East in Schiller Park.






Source: George L. Glotzbach, Director, Development Committee, Hermann Monument Society, Inc. Plaque on the Hermann monument in New Ulm, Minnesota. Translation: In memory of Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller, to the herald of freedom in spiritual, ethical and political matters as well as a hater of everything false. Dedicated on the hundredth anniversary of his death from Mrs. Bertha Gebser, New Ulm, May 9th, 1905.




Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


St. Louis, Missouri
Omaha, Nebraska


Detroit, Michigan


“Breakout,” a New Sculpture of Friedrich von Schiller Memorialized at Carleton College