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Rogue Spooks

by Barbara Boyd
August 2017

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Rogue Spooks, The Intelligence War on Donald Trump
by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann
New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2017
272 pages, hardcover, $27.99

A PDF version of this article is in the August 25, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review and is re-published here with permission.

Aug. 17—Dick Morris and his wife Ellen McGann have written a new book, Rogue Spooks, the Intelligence War on Trump. It is to be commended for its dramatic and detailed account of the British government’s wholesale interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. Other than EIR, no other publication has so thoroughly focused on the British genesis of the coup against Trump.

Where Morris goes astray is in his assignment of the reasons why the British, and Obama’s spooks working with them, are engaging in a coup to assassinate or neuter Trump. With one significant exception, he provides a gripping account of “who done it,” with respect to the coup. He is wrong about their motive. To win the war presently facing the nation, the President and the American public must understand both aspects of the crime.

CC/Andrew Dallos
Candidate Hillary Clinton (center) and Rachel Maddow (left) at MSNBC’s Town Hall in Philadelphia, April 16, 2016.
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James Comey (left), President Obama (center) and outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller (right) at the June 21, 2013 announcement that Comey had been nominated to become FBI Director.

Morris was, of course, the famous pollster and advisor to Arkansas Governor and then President Bill Clinton. He got caught in a sexual scandal shortly before the Democratic Party convention nominated Clinton for a second term. Since that time he has become a controversial Republican populist with a wide national audience, and now his book is heading to­ward bestseller status. He was an early supporter of Donald Trump.

In the first four chapters, Morris shows how the dodgy British MI6 dossier, compiled by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele and Sir Andrew Wood, one of the highest ranking agents in the Queen’s Service, was used to start the FBI investigation of Trump in the Summer of 2016, conducted by former showboat FBI Director James Comey. According to widespread British reporting, both Steele and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) surveillance agency, were tasked to produce dirt on Trump, or those associated with him, which could be used to paint Trump as a Putin stooge. Morris demonstrates that the entire dossier was fake, and that the FBI, the Clinton campaign, and the British had to know it was fake. Morris gives all the details showing how Clinton repeatedly used the phony allegations against Trump in her campaign, and how this attack on Trump actually helped Clinton’s candidacy.

After the election, the FBI under Comey wanted to pay Christopher Steele $50,000 to corroborate the phony dossier, and the FBI continued to collaborate with him through the efforts of Senator John McCain, former CIA director John Brennan, and James Comey. Just after President Trump’s inauguration, Comey, and Obama’s intelligence chiefs, went to Trump and presented him with the fake and salacious British dossier, in a fashion guaranteed to ensure its publication by the national news media. Morris correctly describes this episode as the closest thing there can be to a political assassination without a gun.

Gage Skidmore
Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn at an October 2016 campaign rally for Donald Trump in Phoenix, Arizona.

Morris acknowledges that the British account of the alleged Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee throws that aspect of the story into the question-mark category. According to that account, the Brits notified the FBI and the Democratic Party that the Russians had hacked the DNC in 2015, but the Democrats did absolutely nothing about it. The Democratic National Committee never allowed the FBI to forensically examine the allegedly hacked computers. The British account states that GCHQ and other elements of British intelligence had become concerned about meetings between Trump associates and the Russians, and Trump’s “soft line” on Russia, as early as 2015.

This aspect of the British account, however, is designed to make it appear credible that the DNC computers were hacked by the Russians in a normal act of cyber-espionage. What happens to this story if there was no Russian hack—as demonstrated by the recent report of the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity? What happens if, as the VIPS allege, the DNC emails went to Wikileaks, where they were published—as the result of leaks by DNC insiders, not Russian hacks? What happens to this story line if the alleged GCHQ surveillance of “Trump associates” in conversation with the Russians does not exist, but was actually another faked report, to provide the basis for unparalleled intelligence community surveillance and attempts to entrap Presidential candidate Trump even before election day?

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A small sample of the relentless mass media assault on President Trump.

Otherwise, Morris presents an interesting account of Obama’s deliberate efforts against Trump:

• Obama sabotaged Trump’s ability to hire permanent staff by exhausting the budget of the National Security Council and other agencies.

• Obama’s encouragement of his own civil service hires to stay in place to wage war against Trump from within the government.

• The political assassination of Michael Flynn by Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Morris also cites James Comey’s efforts to set the President up, leading to the appointment of intended Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller to finish the job.

He accounts for the great number of illegal classified leaks which have damaged the Presidency, by stating that John Brennan and Eric Holder purged the CIA and FBI of conservatives and put liberals firmly in place in these agencies.

He is very clear that the only way that the American people can defeat this coup, is to mobilize to prevent their Congressmen and Senators from entertaining the orchestrated media and “spook” lies intended to destroy President Trump.

To this end, Morris reminds us that the British deployed a candidate directly against Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in the form of Wendell Willkie. He also traces the incredible number of cases of U.S.-staged coups and assassinations in other countries to change undesired election results. He claims that he and Bill Clinton intervened directly to elect Boris Yeltsin to a second term in Russia, by providing polling services and political direction to Yeltsin’s campaign from President Clinton himself.

Where Morris falls short, is in his cramped and very partisan view of why all of this is happening. He claims that the British wanted to get Obama to act against the Russians, because Obama was soft on arming Ukrainians in that ongoing conflict on Russia’s border. He fails to understand that Obama was a British plant from the get-go, who always acted on the basis of ultimate British grand strategy.

He provides some history of the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies, implying that they act primarily in their bureaucratic self-interest. But he also fails to understand that these agencies have been virtual British satrapies ever since Franklin Roosevelt died.

Ultimately, he fails to figure out that the ultimate British weapon is control of the American mind—control of the axioms by which we think. Free trade, for example, was an economic model against which we fought a revolution. As a result, our Constitution specifies that federal credit for productive purposes and the power to issue money, are under the control of the Federal government, not the monetarists on Wall Street. Unfortunately, this is not the political truth by which Morris, the author of the famous pragmatic Clinton strategy of “triangulation,” lives.

The immediate motive for the coup against President Trump, is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in which Russia and China have joined to develop the world. Trump has signaled a willingness to work with both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin on this great project of physical economic development of the entire planet. Were he to do this—bringing millions of productive jobs to the United States—the British imperial model of control of the world would be consigned to the dustbin of history. That is the reason why the British are out to kill, impeach, or otherwise incapacitate this President.