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This Week in History
October 5-11, 2014

October 10, 1963 – 6 Weeks Before the JFK Assassination,
the “Kill Unit” Created by British Intelligence and J. Edgar Hoover Is Operational in New Orleans

Dope, Inc. -- Britain's Opium War Against the World.  By the editors of Executive Intelligence Review.
Sir William Stephenson -- from a 1942 passport photo.
Dope, Inc. -- Britain's Opium War Against the World.  By the editors of Executive Intelligence Review.
Library of Congress.
J. Edgar Hoover.

In 1941, J. Edgar Hoover, in consultation with British SOE head Sir William Stephenson and [U.S. F.B.I.] Division Five recruiter [the Canadian] Louis M. Bloomfield, arranged for his close friend Reverend Carl McIntyre to found the American Council of Christian Churches. McIntyre was already a contract agent of Hoover’s FBI Division Five. The ACCC was to conceal an extensive espionage and intelligence unit to be deployed throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America. The spies and saboteurs were to operate under the cover of Christian missionaries.

As part of the ACCC espionage net, Hoover, Stephenson, and Bloomfield created a secret assassination unit in 1943 under the direction of ACCC Minister Albert Osborne. It is not clear that McIntyre was ever let in on this sinister aspect of the ACCC by his “friend” Hoover. The unit consisted of twenty-five to thirty of the world’s most skilled riflemen. It was housed in a missionary school for orphans in Puebla, Mexico. Up through at least 1969, the special “kill unit” re mained intact under the personal supervision of J. Edgar Hoover, operating through his trusted agent of thirty years, Albert Osborne.

According to author “Torbitt,” it was Osborne and a team of seven expert riflemen from the Puebla “kill unit” who car ried out the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Dope, Inc. -- Britain's Opium War Against the World.  By the editors of Executive Intelligence Review.

The records of the Warren Commission establish that Albert Osborne had been a charter member of the ACCC. In 1942, while working for the Hoover-Bloomfield Division Five, Osborne had directed a Nazi blackshirt group called the Campfire Council in the rural area around Knoxville, Tennessee. At that time he had nearly been arrested following an incident in which he burned an American flag in protest against the U.S. entry into the war against Nazi Germany. He shortly thereafter left Tennessee to relocate to Puebla, Mexico.

[New Orleans District Attorney Jim] Garrison documented that on October 10, 1963, Osborne had visited New Orleans, making three stops in town. First he visited the offices of Clay Shaw at the International Trade Mart building. Later the same day he visited the offices of FBI Division Five courier Jerry Brooks Gatlin, whom we encountered earlier in probing the 1962 assassination attempt against French President Charles de Gaulle. Osborne’s final stop in New Orleans was at the office of FBI Division Five southern chief Guy Bannister, at 544 Camp Street….

Excerpted from the LaRouche in 2004 special report, “To Stop Terrorism - Shut Down Dope, Inc.,” published December 2001.