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Harley Schlanger in Berlin:
Prometheus and Immortality

November 2009

Harley and Susan Schlanger
Harley and Susan Schlanger

On November 1, 2009, the LaRouche movement in Berlin, Germany was treated to a class and discussion with Harley Schlanger, who is a historian, musician, regular contributor to the Schiller Institute website and best known as the Western States spokesman for the LaRouche PAC.

His presentation dealt with the sense of immortality an individual must develop, if he or she is to lead change in society. He centered the discussion on Aeschylus' treatment of Prometheus, the mythical figure who gave fire to man, and in so doing, incurred the wrath of the gods of Olympus.

And Harley develops in his presentation that indeed it is NOT Prometheus who is the tragic figure in this drama.

Download the video. ( (430 MB)

Download the video. ( (430 MB)

Use QuickTime to play it.

Lyndon LaRouche and Susan Schlanger
Susan Schlanger organizing
To the memory of Susan Schlanger,
March 24, 1950 to July 10, 2009.

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