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LPAC-TV'S Latest NAWAPA Video Features Interviews With Experts On How To Build It

October 2010

by Nancy Spannaus

The LaRouche Political Action Committee's campaign for launching the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA), as the unique megaproject which can revive the U.S. economy and drive a worldwide revolution in man's improvement of nature, just took a giant step forward, with the release of LPAC-TV's latest video, "Building NAWAPA: A Discussion with Experts." This 48-minute video is narrated by LPAC's Michael Kirsch, who introduces discussions he himself has had with numbers of qualified experts in engineering, on what would be involved in building, powering, and servicing the project, over the last few months.

Kirsch organizes the discussion around questions which he put to the experts, who include specialists in civil, mechanical, and nuclear engineering. There are two major areas of detailed discussion, centered on the problems involved in building the transfer function of NAWAPA, the series of lifts and pumps, that will bring the water diverted down from Alaska and Canada, into the river systems of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington state. Idaho is actually the center of this aspect of NAWAPA, which requires lifting the water up more than 2400 feet, before sending it through the distribution system toward the South and East.

The first area of discussion centered on obtaining the massive amount of materials required for construction, which all the experts agreed, would and should require rebuilding America's near-dead manufacturing capability.

The second area centered on the requirements for power generation, both for construction and operation of the lifts, with a strong focus on the role which using nuclear power could play, in making the entire process more efficient.

All together, the dialogue constantly underscored the judgment of these experienced engineers that such a project must, and could, revive America's finest manufacturing capability, putting huge numbers of people to work around the entire nation. Lyndon LaRouche, of course, has estimated that the initial wave of employment would create at least 3 to 4 million jobs, mostly in the skilled areas.

A final area of discussion centered on the engineers' views about how the launching of this project will change the culture of the United States by restarting industry, and recreating a sense of mobilization, similar in many respects to that of war, specifically that required to carry out the decisive blow against Nazi Germany, D-Day.

This latest NAWAPA video shows that the campaign for this vital project is gaining collaborators, and building steam. The video itself, available at, will help spur that process.

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