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LaRouche to Greece:
Call the EU’s Bluff, Join the BRICS

This article appears on the Executive Intelligence Review website and is reprinted with permission.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 7, 2015 (EIRNS)—American economist Lyndon LaRouche issued a statement yesterday urging the Greek government to call the European Union’s bluff, and not only exit the Eurozone, but also directly link up with the emerging new global financial and economic system being constructed by the BRICS nations.

LaRouche’s remarks were transmitted during last night’s regular Friday international webcast on, by Executive Intelligence Review editorial board member Jeffrey Steinberg, in response to the opening question posed to Mr. LaRouche by institutional circles in Washington, D.C. That question was:

"Mr. LaRouche, with the actions of the Eurozone finance ministers and the European Central Bank, it is clear that a showdown is nearing over whether or not Greece will remain within the Economic and Monetary Union [EMU].... What are your recommendations to the Greek government, and how can they meet these urgent challenges? Thank you."

Steinberg transmitted Mr. LaRouche’s response, as follows:

"He said the real bankruptcy is in the London-Wall Street trans-Atlantic system as a whole. The question being asked by Russia and many other nations today, is whether the Europeans and the United States under Obama can survive their own foolishness, or whether their actions will lead to world war, and a possibility of general extermination. Queen Elizabeth and her circles may appreciate the idea of general war, but I don’t.

The BRICS heads of state. Left to right: Vladimir Putin (Russia), Narendra Modi (India), Dilma Rousseff (Brazil), Xi Jinping (China), Jacob Zuma (South Africa)..

"Greece, fortunately, does have a place. They can join the other club. They can become a part of the BRICS process. A growing part of the world is breaking from the Anglo-American interests, and this is now including a majority of nations of South and Central America and the Caribbean. Of course, this also includes many nations of Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa...

"To put it in blunt terms, the EMU is bluffing in the case of Greece. They’re attempting to blackmail Greece. This is very foolish for Western Europe and the United States. Greece has a unique and close relationship with Russia, as well as with China, and this is their gateway into the BRICS alternative.

"What we are seeing in the confrontation with Greece, as well as the confrontation with Russia, is a last, desperate effort to bluff. The danger is, that at the end of this bluff, is nuclear war. The challenge for most Americans, is that they cannot conceive of the insanity that is driving this policy of bluff and provocation. They cannot conceive, for the most part, that anyone is willing to risk the suicidal extermination of mankind. This is insanity beyond comprehension, yet this is what we are dealing with in the case of Obama, the British, and other desperate forces.

Construction and repair of ships in Greece.

"Now, Greece has a long history as a maritime power. It goes all the way back to the period after Zeus was killed. Greece has a maritime characteristic, and that is the basis for Greece becoming an integral part of the BRICS paradigm. China is already looking at Greece as a key Mediterranean terminus of the New Silk Road.

"It looks like the Greeks are being forced to leave the European system. I say, it is in Greece’s interest to leave. The European system is hopelessly bankrupt. The European system is disintegrating. Greece can take the lead in breaking up a system that has been rotten and destructive from the outset. By leaving the Eurozone, Greece can expose the fraud. That’s how you beat them: expose the fact that they are a bunch of bankrupt bluffers and fakers.

"Their system is disintegrating, and all they have left is the threat of war. Obama is the same thing, part of the same bankrupt system. Obama’s fraud against Russia can lead to the destruction of the human species. Stick with Obama, and you get a free ticket to extermination."