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The Hamiltonian System,
“America’s Gift to the World,”
Is the Key to Solving the Strategic Crisis

December 2014

Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will announce his government’s response to the financial nuclear warfare measures launched against it this week by the British Empire and Obama, at his annual press conference on Thursday, Dec. 18. What is already clear is that the Russian government is fully aware, as Lyndon LaRouche put it Dec. 16, that "these are not economic measures; these are acts of war and will be seen as such in Moscow.’’ And the Putin government has shown no signs to date of capitulating to war blackmail, up to and including thermonuclear war.

It is also clear that growing political forces in Moscow are calling for the immediate adoption of exchange controls and other capital controls, as part of a top-down Hamiltonian reorganization of their financial system — precisely as LaRouche has recommended, most recently in a Dec. 16 statement, which is now circulating internationally, including inside Russia.

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche added today: What happens if Putin closes in on the currency speculators with exchange and capital controls? This would nullify their ability to convert their speculative killings into dollars, and it would put real downward pressure on the operations against Russia. Such measures could be contagious across the BRICS and related nations of the world.

LaRouche commented that the British/Obama financial chicken-game with Russia, is a sign of weakness and desperation on their part, not strength. By pushing Russia to the brink, they may bring about a dramatic shift into a full Hamiltonian approach, in coordination with the BRICS. And that could usher in the demise of the British Empire: by operating from strategic weakness (their direct war option fizzled, given high-level German opposition to the gambit; economic sanctions have backfired; etc.), the British and Obama’s desperate escalation to full-scale financial warfare may backfire, and prove their undoing.

The tasks facing the United States in this moment of crisis and opportunity, were laid out fulsomely by LaRouche in a discussion with the LPAC National Policy Committee today:

"What we’ve got before us, is that we have a super-BRICS connection waiting to swell up — in Asia, in Europe, in some parts of Africa, and in the U.S. and in China, and other locations — India for example. The challenge is, that we are on the edge of going to war. Now, war can be two-fold. It can be a thermonuclear war, organized by the British and their fellow travelers, or by the idiots, shall we say.

"Or, on the other hand, we can stimulate among nations which have a leadership, which know intrinsically what it’s going to do in terms of the BRICS concept. And what we have to do, for example, we have to define what the United States role is in its participation in a BRICS operation. In other words, we bring together nations like Brazil, and others, such as Egypt, nations such as in Asia, we bring these forces together in a converging way, a convergence of concern. Because we actually have, right now, the situation which can create a victory for mankind — a victory for mankind like nothing that has ever happened to mankind before. We have the ability to do it, if we do the job that we have to do. And you have to organize: you have to organize the process, by getting people into activity which energizes them intellectually, makes them happy! And that’s what we have to do.

"We in the United States have to understand that our job, as the U.S., is to say: Okay, we’ve been waiting for you. And say that to many nations on the planet. To China, for example. China is an old nation; it’s been around for a long time. It’s not some stranger to history. But, you can make China more effective in its own effort, by helping to cooperate with them. And so forth and so on. And therefore, that’s what we have to do. The idea is to activate the imagination of people and nations, and activate them to recognize what the opportunities are for their progress.

"We stand at the footsteps, at the basement, of the greatest change in the character of mankind on this Earth, a change which is something that is greater than has ever existed before. We, in the United States, as a catalyst, with a certain historical development, we must actually focus our attention on bringing together nations such as the BRICS nations throughout the world and use what we have as influence and means at the same time. And that can bring us a great revolution, a great political revolution throughout the planet.

"Let’s take China. Now China is not just China. China is also the center of the most important revolutionary operation in the solar system right now. Now, China has not gone out to take Kepler’s hand directly; but Kepler is preparing, in principle, to bring the solar system into a form of organization beyond anything we have enjoyed heretofore.

"We are going to think in terms of going into space—not everybody going there; don’t rush – but what China is doing with its program for space, this thing is not minor! In the same way that there are no animals that have human capability, human potentiality. We know a lot of human beings who are merely animals, because they are left that way. But when you think what China is doing with their space program, it’s the leading program of its type on the planet, in the solar system as far as we know right now.

"When we activate that part of China, or help in activating it, and do the same thing in Egypt, the effort to revolutionize Egypt, these kinds of operations are what the United States has to do! We have to have a determination to be a helping hand in bringing these nations of the planet together in a common march to a victory, to join hands with Kepler.’’