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Schiller Institute Conference

U.S.-China Cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative
and Corresponding Ideas in Chinese and Western Philosophy

April 13-14, 2017
New York City

Greetings to the Conference

Virginia State Senator Richard Black

Justin Yu

Justin Yu is head of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New York City. This statement of greetings was read by Dennis Speed.

“The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New York City offers its welcome and thanks for the two-day conference of the Schiller Institute to present to an American audience the proposal for the United States to join China in helping to lead in the project to develop the Belt and Road across the Eurasian continent. We are honored and delighted that the founder of the Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, will address the conference both days, as she is widely recognized as one of the creators and leading proponents of the project. That she will be joined by prominent representatives of China and other nations and international organizations, makes this occasion unique.

“The success of this conference could have the beneficial effect of leading the United States to join in this great project for the benefit of the globe. Sadly, too many still think in terms of geopolitical competition, rather than mutual benefit, or what Chinese President Xi Jinping calls ‘win-win’ collaboration. At this time in history, conflict among leading nations is to be avoided, as its consequences are horrific for the future of mankind.

“We offer our welcome, and wish you great success.”