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The Future You Must Create
Unleashing the Creative Nature of Man
October 1, 2016

A Houston Symposium to Prepare You for Victory!

             Join us for a day of cultural, scientific, and poetic discussion,
        demonstrating the highest moral and creative identity of Mankind

Schedule for the day’s event:

9:30- Coffee and donuts
(Music to Open event)

10:00- Strategic Overview
Video address with transcript by Helga Zepp LaRouche

12:00- Lunch Break

1:00 - Renaissance Art and the New Paradigm

2:00- A defense of poetry and the Creative Imagination

3:00- Science as A Moral Institution: Insight from Visionaries
( 3:45-4:00- set up for music performances)

4:00-5:00- Music of the New Paradigm

6:00- Dinner

For more information or to RSVP

call Brian at 713-830-9049