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Schiller Institute Strategic Seminar

"Will the U.S. Join the New Silk Road?
Global Scientific Development or Nuclear War."

San Francisco, California
June 8, 2016

Transcript of Question and Answer Session with Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Conference Overview

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


STEGER: I don't know if you heard Victor's question, but I'll repeat it for you, regarding the question of technology and the role of the space program as Kesha has reinvigorated it, versus some of the private companies, as you were beginning to respond, when the connection broke off.

LAROUCHE: Well, the key thing I'm concerned about is the threats to the existence of the human species, in the total area right now.  Because right now, at this time, the existence of the entire human species continues to be on the edge of jeopardy, and therefore, we have to attune ourselves to understanding  what the problems are that are involved in this, and what are the remedies for which we can get an escape for humanity in general.

Humanity in general, right now, is under serious threat of jeopardy on a global scale.  This does not mean that it has to happen that way.  It means that if we do the right things, we can escape those threats, or at least have a reasonable ability to deal with those threats.  That's where we stand, generally, right now.  And if you want to do something about it, let's talk about it.

STEGER: Great, that's what we're here to do....

Q: Lyn, I think the role of that you keep bringing up about how the individual mind has to overcome the necessity to — to win a battle for mankind, I think the role that you are wishing for us to become, I think the qualities of a human being, the battle to win, must be brought to bear now; and ... [crosstalk]

LAROUCHE: I can tell you, I'm pretty good living qualities. I'm an active person, in society, and I'm a senior, and an experienced one, one of the most experienced of all people in that category.  So I should think no one would have any difficulty in understanding who I am, what I am, where I came from and what I do.

Somebody else may be clinging to an idea of a different identity of some other person, who I don't know, but it seems to be that.

Q: Would you say that our best hope for resolving the conflict right now, the general conflict between East and West has to do with, could we strip off Europe from the Anglo-American empires?  Can Europe understand that it is completely against their interest to be part of the sanctions process and everything else that the Anglo-Americans want them to do?  And what would that turn the situation around in this country, if that starts to happen, that the sanctions end and the European countries declare independence?

LAROUCHE: Well, if they want to declare independence, I'm here, I'm now presently working in the local area here.  I usually live in Manhattan; I also usually live in other parts of the United States.  I am a figure in most parts of the world and I do have a clear identity and I think that most of the people that I know, whom I can identify, are people who don't have the kind of identity I have.  So I think my identity being more characteristic of the human species than most of these other fellas, I think we don't have a problem.

Q: Good afternoon, Lyn, this Ned Neurge from Oakland: You've been putting great emphasis recently on human creativity, as opposed to Bertrand Russell's mathematics or logic.  I think the human creativity that you speak of is an informed imagination, rather than a less than informed imagination:  Can you speak to how we can determine in our minds, whether we're in the fantasy world of imagination or informed imagination?

LAROUCHE: Why don't we just say, let's identify a truthful example, a truthful personality, a truthful identity. I am. And anyone who would deny that, would be mistaken, misguided.

I am known, I am identified, I am a figure of the history of most of the 20th century, and most people from the 20th century should know who I am, and they should know what I do.  They may not know every detail of what I do, but that's it:  I am a prominent and most prominent figure on this planet, among the most prominent ones.

Q: Yeah, I've experienced, and I think a lot of people with experience in this country, maybe for the last 20 or 30 years, is just a creeping fascism, and to me all aspects of fascism, more recently, with police shootings and just think, like maybe Nazi Germany, or Italy, and even before that there's just a force that implements this fascism.  And trying to identify it, and how we could possible intervene in a mass movement.

LAROUCHE: This is a very simple thing: The British system, the British identities, the British Queen, and so forth and so on, and all those kinds of things are the things that could be readily identified by any sane and well-informed person.

Q: Thank you, Mr. LaRouche for everything that you're doing for humanity.  The gentleman here, the Russian Consul, mentioned the necessities of rules for the technology, and that's been on my mind for so long.  In the airports, in stores, in restaurants, everywhere you go, you're subject to this decimation noise that to me is very detrimental to the human system.  I wondered if you yourself are bothered by it, if you do think it is absolutely [crosstalk] a proponent of the British interference, you know trying to really affect our minds?

LAROUCHE: Yeah, you should avoid affects on your minds: That's for every human being.  It's difficult to make specific comparisons, because people just don't glue onto that.  But key figures do, leading figures do, leading scientists and so forth do; and so forth and so on.  So there is no general reason, to assume that these things are unknown.  I'm only one of the relatively weighty personalities in history; others are; others are more than I am! [laugh]  But I'm a very fully active representative of humanity and very much advanced in that matter.

Q: Hi, my name is Angela, and I'm very interested in the anti-war movement and trying to deescalate the conflicts going on in our world.  And one of the things I was wondering with regard to the Presidential election, it seems like both our leading candidates are both very war-friendly; and even if we had somebody less war-friendly, there's a tendency in our current political system to "bomb first, ask questions later."

So I'm wondering what you would propose as far as people mobilization in order to change the trend.  Because it's not just about one representative, it's the system.

LAROUCHE: Well, the system is that if people don't believe in the reality, of what is the system, they are already dead! Because history will not recognize them.  You have to qualify of be a part of history, and very relatively few people out of all history, make it that way.

Q: [follow-up] But what are some initiatives that you use to judge that regular people can change and deescalate the world conflicts?

LAROUCHE: No, there's no problem in discovering what the truth is.  And don't say, "what do you know, this figure, or that figure?"  Do you know what the truth of the matter is?  Do you know what the action is?  Do you know how the action proceeds? Do you know what the effects are?

These are very simple, practical things, which you can enter into, readily.  It's not a question, is someone a real person, or not a real person.  That is a silly game to play.  You've to find out if they're real.  And if they're real, they're real!  If they're not real, they're not real.

Q: Yes, when we first connected with you, you started to talk about the collapse of the world economic system, and I wish you'd go on with those thoughts, because it sounded very interesting, but we couldn't hear you.  Can you go on now and tell us some more about that situation? [The questioner is referring to Mr. LaRouche's opening remarks to the conference by internet, which constantly breaking up and eventually cut off; these are not transcribed. — ed.]

LAROUCHE: Sure.  Well, what we've got, the history of mankind is the history of mankind.  The human population has a history, of its development.  We can adjudge that kind of development by experience, that is, can you produce something? Can you produce an effect, which you claim you might be able to effect?  That's the issue. Can you do the things that you are qualified to do?  It's that simple.

I mean, the idea of a person, a personality is a very simple question  You can find out who they are and what they are.  You may be misled, you may be poorly informed, but you can, in due course, find out what this is all about.

But the worst thing you can do is to say, "Well, I don't know, therefore I have to doubt that there's such a person living." That is the worst of all the things.

Q: Mr. LaRouche, I had asked earlier about fear, and the feeling that many of us have about speaking out, speaking our minds clearly.  And it was so encouraging to hear the Russian Consul speak today, and exemplifying the need that we all feel for world peace and cooperation, and I'm looking forward to hearing the Chinese perspective this afternoon as well.

How do we counter that mood out there [crosstalk]...?

LAROUCHE: I can tell simply: You made a reference to a personality, who I had not known, whose identity I had not been informed of, I had not known, in all my life u to that time. This was something I had heard for the first time in my life. His identity, the first time in my life; and there was some doubt about whether it was real.

But about myself, I don't have problem with this thing, and I appear on many people's scrolls, in many parts of active history, and they don't have any problem.  So the people who have these problems, are a minority which needs to be informed.

Q: [follow-up] The concern that I'm trying to express is, it seems that the common man's perception — I've heard comments like "You gotta watch those Russians because their dream is to recreate the Soviet Union," which implies that "well, here comes communism again."  And similarly we have this big threat of the "Red Chinese."  So how do we counter that?

LAROUCHE: I don't have any problem with Chinese.  I don't have any problem with Russians.  I never did.  I have often disagreed with people who were Russians; but then, I've often come around and been a supporter of Russians.  Today, I am a supporter of Russians — who? Putin! Why? Well, Putin, if you want to know, came from family which was generally slaughtered by the Nazis.  And he was saved, though members of his family died, and he became a very important figure, increasingly important figure.

Now, at a certain point in my life, I had an active relationship to what he was doing; I was not working directly with him, but I was implicitly working with him.  And I've known about him, in general, most of my life.  So there are no mysteries about Putin, with me.  I admire the gentleman, and his contributions to mankind on a broad scale, are extremely important.

I think that's a good place to start from if you want to develop the argument.

STEGER: Lyn we have one more question for you.

Q: Good afternoon, Lyn. It's an honor to speak to you. This is James from San Jose.  What I'd like to ask is, a week or two ago, we seemed to be right of the cusp of being able to bring the 28 pages out into the open; and if we can bring those out into the open, it seems like all honest Americans would see, that we have a traitor in the White House, and that we would be able to put him aside and stop the war drive!

LAROUCHE: That doesn't quite work.  You have the people were assassinated in Manhattan, by the Saudis, and also by other creatures who were working together with the Saudis.  And that you can get at very quickly.  And you can find leading members of Congress or veteran members of Congress, who can also give you full information on that.  And I have a relationship to my own friends, who are also members of Congress, some of them in particular, and who also share these views that I express, and I agree with them.  I'm still fighting for justice for those thousands of people, who were killed, by the Nazis, essentially, that is the Saudis and by their stooge, and the British.  And this great holocaust that occurred, was orchestrated by the British system, by the British monarchy, and it was also organized by the support of the Saudis.  And this group was the group which was employed for mass murder against the people of the United States, that is that whole quotient.

STEGER: Lyn, do you have time for one more question?


Q: Good afternoon, Mr. LaRouche: Tomorrow is the start of the four-day gathering of the Bilderberg Group in Germany, at their annual meeting.  I want to know who are those folks and what is their influence on world economy and politics?

LAROUCHE: It's a funny thing: Of course, I have no sense of reality about that group.  That is, I don't think that what they represent is a serious institution.  And I'm pretty well informed on these things, and I don't miss them very much or often.  But that's what I can answer to you.

STEGER: Lyn, I just want to, if I could take a quick second, because I think your emphasis tonight in the discussion is your role and the way you approach this certain crisis, and it's very obvious the kind of crisis that's the world's in today. And your sense of creative identity and how to approach that kind of crisis, because that's the underlying nature, and I think a lot of people are struggling with that, even if they're not directing that [inaudible].  So you may have more or may not, but I just wanted to raise that as... [crosstalk] that seems to be the underlying subject of the discussion.

LAROUCHE: They have problems in catching on with reality. I mean, it's often with people in society, whole groups of people have lost all connection, that is, a viable, or provable connection, with people in certain categories.

STEGER: OK, Lyn, it was a little bit hard to hear at the end, but I think we got the gist.

LAROUCHE: OK, have fun!

STEGER: OK thanks, Lyn, very much. We appreciate you! [applause]