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Rebuilding the World in the BRICS Era

International Schiller Institute Conference
June 13-14, 2015, Paris, France

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Conference Program

There are crucial moments in history when a Renaissance is needed to rescue mankind.

Today, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), are committed to launching one. They have founded the New Development Bank (NDB), an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and various other funds to finance the economic belt of a “New Silk Road,”, both terrestrial and maritime, promoted by the Chinese government. They are setting up a Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) to protect their currencies and preparing a new, international economic and financial order in which the yuan will be a driving force. Finally, they are organizing a universal rating agency as an alternative to the three major Western agencies.

Their great projects are based on the transformation of man and nature, on an ambitious space exploration policy, a policy of public health-care for all, and the creation of smart cities, together with planting “great green walls” to green the deserts. Over the last thirty years, China has lifted over 1.35 billion people out of poverty, and India is now doing the same for 1.25 billion.

This is clearly where the alternative lies to a trans-Atlantic Empire whose financial oligarchy sows the seeds of war, just as storm clouds bring the storm.

Our conference will be the venue to mobilize forces for this alternative, which rejects destructive geopolitical power games and puts us at the forefront of the fight for the common aims of mankind. It will thus mark another decisive step following on the conferences held by the Schiller Institute in Frankfurt on October 18-19, 2014 and those held in Manhattan since the beginning of the year. It is in fact an international mobilization that you will be attending, not a one-time gathering of whistleblowers.

First, we will hear from representatives of the BRICS and their allies, who will present the great projects they plan or are already implementing in their countries. This is not a sum of different projects, but constitutes a worldview very different from that which has dominated in Europe for over forty years.

Members of Lyndon LaRouche’s science team will present the new approach needed to overcome the drought devastating California, by managing and creating water cycles through organizing salt water desalinization, and working on the promising perspectives offered by atmospheric ionization to create new, more efficient cycles.

The Chinese program of mining helium-3 on the Moon as fuel for thermonuclear fusion energy production on Earth, exemplifies a new identity for man, extended to the scale of the solar system, and beyond that, to the scale of the galaxy, in order to understand and to master the effects of cosmic radiation on our climate, as well as the danger of asteroids for our planet.

To those who object that such a way of thinking is “un-practical,” it is high time to respond that their practicality leads to a war of all against all.

It is precisely on that account that we need to rethink the current conception of “economics”. Real economics is not about carrying out financial looting operations in order to build up rapid monetary wealth, but rather bringing together the means to fund those great projects that will shape our future.

Therefore, we need to bring nations together around a policy of public credit to finance discoveries and development platforms. Dismantling the existing monetary system in Western Europe and the United States is not an economic issue as such, but a political choice: do we want a future or not? Do we want to escape from a world in which fascists and neo-Nazis such as Dmytro Yarosh are promoted in Ukraine under the sponsorship of Victoria Nuland? Do we want to join the “win-win” system repeatedly proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping?

Answering “yes” to these questions requires leaving the Europe of the euro and of NATO, which serves the system of the City and Wall Street, and setting up forms of cooperation among sovereign states which share their capabilities and projects, and break free of their monetary and financial shackles. It means returning to a culture of the future, inspired by the works of Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler and Vladimir Vernadsky, which once again awakens in us hope and optimism, as we share in the creative processes of the human mind.

At the same time, we, as Europeans and Americans, must no longer fear that other cultures will challenge us, but rather gladly discover how we can share in the creation of the world land-bridge.

This is not a never-never land, but a coming together to meet the demands of the India of the Vedas, the China of Confucius and our Judeo-Christian tradition, to create the foundations of what Victor Hugo called the “Universal Republic.”


The conference is sponsored by the Institut Schiller, 101 rue Mouffetard, 75005 Paris.