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Decision Day for Humanity:
The U.S. Must Return To Its Founding Principles
And Join The BRICS Alliance Now

Saturday June 6th, 2015   12:00noon-9:30pm    New York City

Greetings from Phillip Ramasimong Tsokolibane
Leader, LaRouche South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

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Phillip Tsokolibane

Hello and greetings from the new world, the world of the BRICS!

My name is Phillip Ramasimong Tsokolibane, and I am speaking to you from South Africa, where I am the proud representative of the movement of Lyndon LaRouche. We could speak of many things, but I have chosen to focus my remarks on what I consider an urgent matter.

You see, although my nation, as a member of the BRICS, is part of an emerging new world order based on peace and development, we also remain a member of the British Commonwealth—the modern name for British Empire—a collection of nations which, by definition, kiss the rump of the whore of Babylon, Her Satanic Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. And while the government of my nation has, for the most part, left our people in the dark about what BRICS will mean for them and for the world, every South African knows—or thinks he knows—what an “honor” it is to be associated with this evil bitch, the Queen, through our membership in the Commonwealth.

I came to be part of the LaRouche movement because, as I discovered, Mr. LaRouche was the sworn enemy of this Queen and her evil Empire. As I learned and could see in operation, on a daily basis, there were really only two policy blocs in the world: The Queen and her Empire, and its commitment to enslave the world through a system of financial usury and the deliberate murder of billions of people, through policies of enforced under-development, wars, famine, and disease—including through the spread of new plagues, such as AIDS and Ebola. But Mr. LaRouche represented a different future, one based on a new just world economic order, that ended all empires, but most especially the British Empire. So, for me, the choice of sides was obvious. I am a human being, and I believe in the unique, God-given power of human creativity to both comprehend the universe, and, through our actions, to determine our future, our destiny. I am not an animal, to be treated as a cow or sheep, subject to slaughter at the whim of the degenerate enforcers of that Beast Man, His Royal Virus, Prince Phillip, the cadaver-like consort of the Queen.

As others will tell you today, the BRICS development is a direct result of the years of fighting on the side of humanity and its creative potential, by Mr. LaRouche, and his wonderful partner against evil of oligarchism, the Silk Road Lady, Helga LaRouche. Without their efforts, and that of the brave fighters for humanity who have worked with them, the BRICS and its possibilities for a new world would not exist today. 

While we speak happily of new deals for development projects on my continent in general, and South Africa in particular, as a result of the initiatives of the BRICS and BRICS nations individually, I must also tell you that my nation, and the entire continent, are dying. The grand projects lie years out; they represent a beautiful future. But unless we win the battle against the British Empire now, unless we end now the power of the Bitch Queen and the City of London and its Wall Street infestation of your great City, the City of Alexander Hamilton, New York, the first city of the world, we will never get to that future. Africa will be dead, and likely, the rest of the human race as well, in a British-driven war on the principal BRICS nations, Russia and China.

I can see the bright future on the horizon, and that is what I fight for. But I must report to you, that in South Africa, a BRICS nation, I am surrounded by death. The poverty enforced by the British Empire is murder on a grand scale, genocide. My people are dying. On Saturdays we bury our dead. I am saddened to see the numbers of young men and women, and especially children, who die before their time, before they have a chance to make a contribution to our collective future. Who among these prematurely dead, who among them might have been the great scientists who solve the mysteries that will free us from disease, or might have contributed to our push into the galaxy and beyond, carrying mankind to its destiny in the stars? Each death murders progress, slaughters our future. Each death sets back all of mankind, not just South Africa or Africa.

I do not mean to bring you a message of despair for our predicament, here in Africa, but to impart to you the great urgency for action to increase the tempo of the BRICS developments, so as to end the slaughter. I am not so naïve as to think that South Africa, or even the BRICS nations collectively can win this battle, unless that great force for potential good in the world that is the United States is unchained. I therefore urge you to invoke the spirit and ideas of your great Founding Fathers, Washington and Hamilton. Bring your nation into the battle against the British Empire on the side of the BRICS!  I ask you, we ask you, as does the petition circulated by the Schiller Institute, to “join” the BRICS. Return to your true self as a nation. Return to what you were. You do remember that your revolution was against the British Empire?  It is a perversion of who you are that your current government stands with that Empire against the collective will of mankind in its fight for a future.

I ask each of you to commit yourself fully to this fight, not to save my nation, or to save Africa, but to save yourselves. I paraphrase your great American President, Abraham Lincoln, whose life and ideas served as an inspiration for the late founder of our new republic, Nelson Mandela. Lincoln said that no nation can live half slave and half free. I would say that we have come to a point where either we end all forms of slavery, economic and mental, and free ourselves from whatever shackles hold mankind back from its true destiny, or mankind will not survive. It is our actions, it is our fight that will determine the future, if we are to have one.  I am sick of the needless slaughter caused by the continuation of the British Empire. It is long overdue that we “kick it to the curb,” as you Americans say.  How say you, my friends?

Thank you.