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Decision Day for Humanity:
The U.S. Must Return To Its Founding Principles
And Join The BRICS Alliance Now

Saturday June 6th, 12:00noon-9:30pm

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Left: Allied troops land at Normandy on D-Day, June 6th, 1944. Right: World gathers to celebrate 70th anniversary of VE-DAY (Victory over fascism in Europe), on May 9, 2015 in Moscow.

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Friend of the Schiller Institute,

On Saturday, June 6th the Schiller Institute will host a major conference in New York City entitled "Decision Day for Humanity--U.S. Must Return to its Founding Principles and Join the BRICS Alliance Now."  

"Once to every man and nation, comes a moment to decide."

This year 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War and the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. As on June 6, 1944--Decision Day, or D-Day for short--this June, a great decision is also before the United States. 

One year ago, Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche initiated a series of "Paradigm Shift" conferences, centered in New York City.  The June 6th Schiller Institute conference will occur one month before the next historic BRICS summit, which will take place in Ufa, Russia, alongside the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, July 8th-10th.  We must send a clear signal to people and nations around the world, as well as to our fellow Americans, that the U.S. must join the BRICS process, and reject the insanity of geopolitics that now threatens all of humanity with thermonuclear extinction. That is the great decision before us at this moment.

It is time that we break with the disastrous effects of the policies of the Bush and Obama Administrations on our national and international economic and scientific future. The doomed "gods of Olympus" of Wall Street's and the City of London's financial dictatorship, have no future. They are also no longer capable of enticing, or threatening, the rest of the world into committing economic suicide on their behalf.  The BRICS nations--Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa--not only represent a financial alternative to the failed, globally-extended but imploding trans-Atlantic system.  The BRICS nations also represent a higher level of culture, a higher level of scientific and technological progress, and a higher level of human potential than the increasingly bestialized "West."

Two cultural outlooks are now before the world. One, the "Zeussian," calls for immediate mass population reduction, including by using "climate change" to argue for the elimination of billions of people in the short term, through technology regression and shut-down. The "Libyanization" of the planet is their goal, by unleashing the crazed dogs of war in the form of intelligence agency-sponsored terrorism, such as that promoted by Saudi Arabia and London throughout the world for years. The other outlook is the "Promethean," that of the city-builders and scientist-artists, who believe that human beings are unique and that human creativity is the only source of true wealth on the planet. The world needs morepeople!  The proud statement of Prime Minister Modi of India, that the greatest source of wealth of his nation is its 650 million citizens under the age of 35, exemplifies this Promethean outlook.  It is that "cultural change" that must become hegemonic in the world's diplomatic and economic practice.

Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy would have agreed with Modi. "Progress-deniers" such as the last two Obama and Bush Presidencies, do not agree.  New York City has been the center, since the first Washington Administration, of the anti-slavery American Constitutionalist movement.  Now, the Schiller Institute's "Manhattan Project" demands an end to the mad drive toward thermonuclear war, such as the U.S. has threatened against Russia over Ukraine.  We must, instead, return to dialogue with Russia and other nations on a policy of "Strategic Defense of the Earth," a policy originated by American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche in the 1970's, and adopted by President Ronald Reagan as "Strategic Defense Initiative" in 1983.

This is the truly Promethean higher economic platform which the United States can establish with the BRICS nations. The combined space programs of India, Russia, China, the United States and other nations could now provide the possibility that the world could build a new economic platform, powered by thermonuclear fusion.  Equally urgent, world-wide drought conditions, such as those now being encountered in California, could also be jointly tackled by this "community of scientific principle" which, instead of fighting one another, could engage particularly the persons, minds and imaginations of their youth in a "win-win" struggle against what John Kennedy called "the common enemies of man:tyranny, poverty, disease and war itself."

A "win-win" situation for all of humanity, in the footsteps of Alexander Hamilton's American Revolution, awaits us, should we choose to break the mental chains that prevent the United States from joining the BRICS. The choice is ours to make. this June 6.  Make the choice to stand with the future of humanity. 
*PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE ATTENDING THIS CONFERENCE.  The deadline for pre-registration is Wednesday, June 3rd.  If you have friends or relatives you would like to invite, please also pre-register them and enter your name where it asks how they learned about the conference.  Suggested donation to cover full day proceedings is $20. 

Please click here to register for conference
or CALL (201)562-9890 or 

Outline of Conference Program

12noon - 1:00pm -- Registration

1:00 - 3:00pm - Panel I
Keynote Presentation: The Promethean Challenge Unfolds:  BRICS, A New Era for Mankind 

Respondents: International guests, BRICS and allied nations representatives
Discussion, Q and A

3:00 - 3:15- BREAK
3:15 - 5: 00 pm  - Panel II
The American  Revolution and the Battle Against the Bestial Conception of Man
Robert Ingraham, historian, author discussing his recent groundbreaking article "Manhattan's Struggle For Human Freedom Against the Slave Power of Virginia" 
Panel Respondents: Historians and authors
Discussion, Q and A

5:30 - 7:30pm - Dinner Break

7:30- 9:30- Musikabend (Musical Evening)