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Decision Day for Humanity:
The U.S. Must Return To Its Founding Principles
And Join The BRICS Alliance Now

Saturday June 6th, 2015   12:00noon-9:30pm    New York City


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Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Well, this is Lyndon LaRouche speaking, as you probably have already detected. And there are reasons for discussing matters today, in the present context, that we're now moving more and more decisively into centering our organization as a whole more closely to Hamilton's origins in this thing. And that's necessary, it has been the case in reality all along, since the beginning of Hamilton's role in American life. And so, today, we now have movement centered on Manhattan in particular, which is important to us, to our nation, because that was the center of all successful ventures by our republic since that time.

And what we're getting now, is we're getting up to the breaking points. Changes are going to have to happen inside the United States, economic changes, changes in the way of thinking about ourselves, and the question about how we're going to deal with the threat of a thermonuclear war globally, which is being pushed largely by the British system, the British Empire, and by Obama in particular himself.

And the problem is, how do we prevent that from interfering with what our plan is, which is to reverse the downward trend in the experience of production and so forth, everything else, which has gone on since the 20th century. Our main thing is to realize that we have to reverse the direction from the 20th century, into a continuation of what the intention had been during the 19th century. And I think that's where we are right now, in that direction.

The center is Manhattan, naturally, for many reasons. And the other part is, is do we integrated, first of all, the United States in general, as a whole? How do we bring that United States as a whole into a true agreement with the intentions of Hamilton's precedent. And also to recognize that, on a global scale, we're now getting out of what had been earlier, the standard belief about nations, relations among nations.

Now the nations are going to still be nations, but the relationships among nations will be improved, if we succeed, and if they succeed in cooperating with us. Gradually, we will find the sovereign nation-state institution will remain, but the importance of it will be lessened, that is the importance of its special characteristics, and there will be more and more cooperation among respectively sovereign nation-states. And that's what we should look for.

And the key thing here, for us, is to recognize that the United States, since its origins has been a specifically centered around what we call today, Manhattan. That has been the place, it remains to the place, and that's all it is: It's a center, a brain center in large degree, of the United States, and it's the brain center for the United States' relationship to other nations throughout the planet.


Rep. Walter B. Jones

Rep. Walter Jones, the initiating sponsor of the House Resolutions in the 113th and 114th Congresses to declassify the 28-page chapter of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, made this video greeting on the sideline of the June 2 press conference announcing the Senate companion bill, S.1471.

DENNIS SPEED: Earlier this week, there was an extraordinary press conference on Capitol Hill and it involved Sen. Rand Paul announcing his cosponsorship of a Senate bill, companion bill, to a House resolution, calling for the release of the 28 pages of a Joint Congressional Inquiry authored by former Sen. Bob Graham. And the contention over the period of over a decade between Graham's Senate Intelligence Committee and the Presidencies of the United States, that is, the Presidencies of Bush and Obama. Congressman Jones, since January of 2013, has made a series of messages that have come to this conference and actually, over that two-year period, it's been sort of a chronicle if you will, of a persistent campaign on his behalf and on behalf of members of the Schiller Institute as well, to cause that action to be taken by the Congress.

And so, there was statement that was prepared for this conference by Walter Jones, and I will show that at this point.

REP. WALTER B. JONES: I'm Walter Jones, I represent the 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina in the United States House of Representatives, and today was a special day and a day for truth and honesty and integrity in our government. I want to thank Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Ron Wyden, Sen. [Kirsten] Gillibrand, for coming out and joining on the Senate side to duplicate what we've done on the House side. This has been on the House side, H.Res.14, has been the second Congress that we've introduced the bill. All it does is a resolution calling on the President to please keep his word to the 9/11 families and declassify the 28 pages.

I have read the 28 pages, and the 28 pages have nothing to do with national security, nothing, or I wouldn't be standing here. It's all about relationships and involvement in 9/11. So for me personally, what is happening today, with the Senate taking the lead -- and again, I thank Sen. Rand Paul, he mentioned today that I called him numerous times about getting involved, but we knew this would be a process. We knew it wouldn't happen in 30 days or six months. But the longer we could keep beating the drum, this was a huge drumbeat on the Senate side today!

We have Senator Graham, who's been so outspoken on this issue for years; then you have Senator Rand Paul and Gillibrand and Wyden who now have come together. We need to keep beating this drum. And I hope that the citizens in New York/New Jersey and all the surrounding states will get behind and encourage their delegation to join in this effort to bring peace, as much as you can, to the 9/11 families and bring the truth to the American people.