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U.S. Must Join BRICS and the New Silk Road
U.S. Must Join BRICS
and the New Silk Road
Mankind is the Only Creative Species!
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1:00 - 5:30 pm
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Schiller Institute of New England
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Imperial geopolitics threatens to push the world into a world war, for the third time in exactly 100 years, but this time the use of nuclear weapons would mean the extinction of mankind. The closer the completely deregulated financial markets come to the threatened disintegration of the trans-Atlantic financial sector - six years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers - the greater the danger of war.

But unlike in 1914 and 1939, this time there is a community of nations that has drawn the lessons of history: Propelled by the BRICS countries and the nations of Latin America, a new, more just world economic order and a new financial architecture is in the making, which represents a real alternative.

With its program for the New Silk Road, China has created a perspective for cooperation among the nations of Asia, Latin America, and Africa for their mutual benefit. This allows for not only an exchange of ideas, goods, culture, and science like the ancient Silk Road, but this New Silk Road is also an open concept, in which all nations of the world are invited to participate. As Indian Prime Minister Modi put it, this is the first time that an alliance of states has formed that is not working together on the basis of their existing capacities, but rather of their future potential. The high proportion of young people in these countries is an important factor, as well as the commitment to transform their economies through a science driver based on higher energy-flux densities.

China's plan to develop thermonuclear fusion as soon as possible on the basis of the large deposits of helium-3 on the Moon, thereby opening up a virtually unlimited energy and raw material source for the Earth, but also beginning the next phase of space travel, has set a standard for the entire planet. The Chinese science program thus forms the necessary spearhead for the scientific and technological breakthroughs that mankind must achieve, if we want to overcome the current and future challenges of our Solar System and deliberately initiate the next stage of the evolution of mankind.

True creativity - i.e., acquiring knowledge that never before been conceived and doing things that no one before has ever done before, to contribute to the well-being and progress of mankind: This is the true identity of the human species. And this is exactly why it is absolutely possible to create a global economic and financial system in which relations among nations are based on Nicholas of Cusa's philosophical principles of "the coincidence of opposites," the ideas of the Peace of Westphalia, and international law.

This new phase of human development, for which the New Silk Road and a fusion economy are paradigmatic, also means that the United States can free itself from the regressive ideologies of the ecology movement and monetarism. The United States, reclaiming its identity as a constitutional republic, can focus on the common goals of mankind, in cooperation with the nations of Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

We find ourselves today in a time of epochal change, which is no less dramatic than the transition from the scholasticism of the Middle Ages to modern times: a transformation that was launched by such groundbreaking thinkers such as Nicholas of Cusa, Filippo Brunelleschi, and Johannes Kepler. If today we bring alive the best traditions of our cultures, like the ideas of ancient Greece, Confucianism, the Italian Renaissance, and the German Classics, as well as other, similar high points in the history of mankind, and at the same time introduce the necessary next stage of evolution, there is every reason to hope that mankind is rushing towards a humanistic future.

You are invited to attend this special event sponsored by the Schiller Institute of New England, on Sunday, December 7th from 1:00pm - 5:30pm. For more information or to register, please email: or call (202) 360-1001
(202) 360-1001