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Krupnov Issues Call
for Revolution of Development

June 2013

[This transcript in PDF format, from EIR]

Yuri V. Krupnov, chairman of the board of the Institute for Demography, Migration, and Regional Development (IDMRD), and leader of the Development Movement, both based in Moscow, sent greetings to the Schiller Institute conference in San Francisco June 29. Krupnov is the author of several books, including one titled “In Russia, the Sun Rises in the East.”

Dear conference participants!

I greet the participants in this inspiring conference and hope that your work will be fruitful!

The American Revolution is an event of universal significance, which made it possible for the people of the United States to build a powerful and independent nation, and to set an example of making constructive transformations in the interests of all mankind.

Today the planet Earth again needs a new, creative and constructive revolution—a revolution of development, as an explosive upsurge for the prosperity of all peoples of the world, without exception.

This revolution of development is directly opposed to the chaos, which is cultivated in the interests of a thin layer of global elites, who are indifferent to the historical and cultural interests of mankind.

In this critical situation, the peoples of the U.S.A. and Russia have a special calling, because we both have the experience of carrying out constructive revolutions and super-intensive industrialization. Our task today is to move, through a new industrialization and new urbanization, to overcome destructive entropy and act to bring a new paradigm to life—the paradigm of development. This means to organize development on a planetary scale, relying on fundamental science, education, culture, and advanced industry.

The Pacific Ocean is of exceptional importance in this context.

The imperative for Russia’s own development today is to shift the center of our country toward the East, toward the Pacific Ocean, which in Russia was also always called the Great Ocean. For Russia, the Great Pacific Ocean is not some alien place; nor are Alaska and California alien for us, as you know from Fort Ross, which is nearby.

The time has come to transform the Great Pacific Ocean into a Great Development Zone for mankind.

And our task is to demonstrate to the entire world, through joint development projects, a model of a different socioeconomic way of life, centered upon the divine genius of every person, and upon respect for human history and culture.

The youth of our nations must play a decisive role in this.

Your energy, determination, imagination, and faith in the creative, constructive abilities of man, who has the capacity to transform the Earth into a blossoming garden—that is where the future lies and where there is hope!

Be bold! I believe in you and your projects.