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January 2013

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Human civilization is currently threatened by the most dire crisis in modern history: an ongoing disintegration
 of the world economic system, leading into a threatened thermonuclear confrontation, and deepened by cultural degeneration. A shift to a new paradigm is the only way forward. This paradigm shift must address the axioms underlying today’s catastrophic policies, and must be as fundamental as that axiomatic shift which moved European civilization out of the Middle Ages into modern times, with all its breakthroughs in natural science and Classical artistic composition.

In the first week of 2013, the Schiller-Institute published a new, multilingual website, presenting the proceedings of the successful recent conference it held in Flörsheim, Germany, titled A New Paradigm for the Survival of Human Civilization. The site is now online at

The panel speakers dealt with

Also included was a classical concert performed by musicians of the Schiller Institute, with works by Ignaz Lachner, Giuseppe Verdi and Ludwig van Beethoven.

All presentations from the above proceedings can be found under
This website is intended to serve as a platform for exchanging ideas and bringing this paradigm shift about.

All fields of society must work together in this immediate period – from scientific research, engineering, and agriculture, to great Classical artistic composition and performance. To avoid world war, to overcome the poverty and hunger connected with underdevelopment, to develop humanity’s capacity in the solar system and the galaxy, and to inspire the youth generation with works of beauty to fight for a future: all talents are needed!

Please take the time to view the conference proceedings on the new website! There is an extended discussion function and possibilities to contact us.

The Schiller Institute is a worldwide organization active proposing a Dialogue of Cultures and Peace Through Development since its founding in in 1984 by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, wife of US economist Lyndon LaRouche. It was Mr. LaRouche who warned against the inevitability of a collapse of the Trans-Atlantic financial system long before 2007, and who has developed solutions to replace the fatal policies of Free Trade and Monetarism, which the Schiller Institute has expanded upon.