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Invitation to an
International Conference
of the Schiller Institute

February 21-22, 2009

in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main area in Germany 

For a New, Just World Economic Order

What Lyndon LaRouche has forecast for so long is now upon us: the international financial system is in the throes of a systemic crisis, that has plunged the real economy into a deep depression. This is a breakdown crisis that threatens civilization itself. At the same time, a fight has broken out for the solutions that LaRouche has proposed for years: a new Bretton Woods system in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt, which is now being called for by French President Sarkozy, Italian Economics Minister Tremonti, German President Köhler, and others.

A race against time is on. What will come first: the hyperinflationary explosion of the international financial system, with bankruptcy for many nations, or a bankruptcy reorganization of that system?

The answer to that question will determine whether the worldwide economic crisis leads to fascism and world war, as in the 1930s. This time around, such an outcome would thrust the world into a new dark age. One thing is certain, at least: there is no way the failed neoliberal system of globalization could be patched up with a few new rules, and then continue to function as before.

The most urgent issues to be put on the agenda, are a new Bretton Woods system in the spirit of Franklin D. Roosevelt, to wipe out colonialism once and for all, and a new,  just economic world order. Such a new order must be based upon a completely different paradigm, one that puts mankind at its center, and allows the creation of decent living conditions for all human beings on this planet.

LaRouche and the Schiller Institute have been fighting for many years for the realization of the Eurasian Landbridge, and its extension into North and South America, and Africa, as the keystone for rebuilding the world economy.

However, what we are now experiencing is not only a breakdown crisis of the economic and financial systems, but also a very deep cultural and moral crisis. If mankind is to emerge safely from the current catastrophic danger, we will have to combine economic reconstruction with a new cultural Renaissance, one which takes inspiration from the most fruitful periods of universal history, and uses that basis to create a new vision for the future.

These are the questions that will be taken up at the Schiller Institute conference, with speakers from the U.S., Russia, China, India, Africa and Europe, who have long studied the principles on which to base a just world order.

You are cordially invited to attend our conference.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche,
President of the Schiller Institute

To register people for the conference, please contact:

Tel. : 49 611 20 52065 (Mrs. Wolff).
Fax : 49 611 73 65 380
email :

Conference fee: 1 day – 30 euros, 2 days – 50 euros