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Press Release

EIR Releases Special Report on
'Obama's War on America: 9/11-Two'

October 2012

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October 9, 2012 (EIRNS)—In the wake of the assassination of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya, EIR founder and leading American statesman Lyndon LaRouche issued the assessment that the Obama Administration, under the tutelage of the British Monarchy, and with the collusion of the Saudi Kingdom, was currently engaged in "9/11 Two," an assault on the United States and other nations that will, unless blocked, lead to World War III. EIR has brought together its unique intelligence picture in a new Special Report that provides the crucial documentation behind this claim.

LaRouche's own analysis of the "Dynamics of Terrorism," and his forecasting record—as evident in both January and September of 2001—are included in the report.

The report will be available imminently, both in PDF and hard copy, for $100. The report is now available at

We include below the full Table of Contents, with the dates of original publication, below:

I. Obama's 9/11

9/11 Take Two, Sept. 21, 2012

II. The London-Saudi Role in International Terrorism

III. 9/11 Take One