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'The Genius of Krafft Ehricke'

March 25, 2017

Speakers:  Kesha Rogers and Megan Beets


Krafft Ehricke (1917-1984)

Ehricke writes in “The Anthropology of Astronautics:”

“The concept of space travel carries with it enormous impact, because it challenges man on practically all fronts of his physical and spiritual existence. The idea of traveling to other celestial bodies reflects to the highest degree the independence and agility of the human mind. It lends ultimate dignity to man’s technical and scientific endeavors. Above all, it touches on the philosophy of his very existence. As a result, the concept of space travel disregards national borders, refuses to recognize differences of historical or ethnological origin, and penetrates the fiber of one sociological or political creed as fast as that of the next.”

Friday, March 24th, marks the 100 year anniversary of the birth of Krafft Ehricke, one of the great German-American pioneers of manned space flight.   Krafft’s early contribution to the design of rocketry were indispensable to the success of the Mercury and Apollo missions.  Yet his visionary concept of the obligation of humankind to reach into the cosmos, his ‘Extraterrestrial Imperative,’ can still guide us today, as we resume that quest -- to establish a permanent base on the Moon, as a launching pad into the Universe beyond.   

Come Saturday and discover the ideas of this great scientist, engineer and philosopher.

Saturday, March 25th at 2 PM
9100 Southwest Freeway, # 241
(behind 'Saltgrass' Steakhouse)
Houston, TX 77074

info:  713-541-2907