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Schiller Institute Conference

Fulfilling the Dream of Mankind

Frankfurt, Germany
November 25-26, 2017

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The Schiller Institute international conference “Fulfilling the Dreams of Mankind,” convened in Germany on November 25-26, received greetings and well wishes from prominent people across the globe. The following is our first report of some of those greetings.

Yemeni BRICS Youth Cabinet

Yemen: Fouad Al-Ghaffari, founder of the Office for Coordination with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and President of the Yemeni BRICS Youth Cabinet and presented a beautiful 15 minute video with his on-the-ground report, his greetings, and greetings from many of his associates who despite the grim circumstances in Yemen itself, are working ardently for the full LaRouche program in collaboration with the Chinese One Belt One Road (OBOR) New Silk Road initiative.

Speaking from Yemen, he opened the taped video message, telling the audience gathered in Germany, “With a great deal of pain mixed with hope, we tape this fourth message from adistance, today, Oct. 17, to greet you, the Schiller Institute, at your conference. I greet you from Sanaa International Airport. It is closed because of Saudi aggression, prevented me from attending your conference, and also prevented tens of thousands of Yemenis from traveling for medical treatment or to pursue their education and work. This is a crime that the whole world is witnessing.”

The greeting concluded with a call for, “a new chapter in the book of the new international relations,” very much advanced by President Trump’s visit to China. That visit, he said, holds out the hope to “replace a doctrine of international relations that brought sorrow and destruction to the world, which should not have come into existence in the first place,” so that mankind can now move “from the regime-change system to the more natural system of sovereignty of nations, that are joined together around one dream of mankind.”

Dr. Kelvin Kemm

South Africa: Dr. Kelvin Kemm, CEO of Nuclear Africa, a nuclear project management company based in Pretoria, South Africa, sent his warmest wishes for success, reminding the audience that the site of the modern Cape Town, South Africa was found by Bartholomew Diaz in 1488, while pursuing the Silk Road from Portugal. “Today, he said, “on any given day, some 2,000 ships are forging through the ocean waters of South Africa, moving around the Cape of Good Hope from one end of the traditional Silk Road to the other, but by the ocean route and not the camel-train route. A vast quality of trade also moves in and out of South African ports, moving not only into the interior of South Africa, but also deep into land-locked African countries. Africa is larger than the United States, Europe, China, and India put together. It is big—really big. There is a great deal of trade potential in Africa.”

José Mulenda Zangela

African Great Lakes Region: José Mulenda Zangela sent greetings. He is the sponsor of the proposed “African Rift Border Navigable Canal” project, referred to in Swahil as Sula ya Amani (the face of peace). He described the project: to build a 2,000 km navigable corridor uniting Lakes Victoria, Albert, Eduard, Kivu, Tanganyika, and Malawi through canals to the Indian Ocean which would “open up” several countries in the region and promote regional and global economic integration for the benefit of an East African population of more than 200 million. This aspiration “has certainly brought us closer to the Schiller Institute, with whom we can establish the connection between the African Great Lakes Region, not only to the New Silk Road, but also and especially to the philosophy of this road, revived by Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche.”

Michel Tog­nini

France: Michel Tog­nini, former astronaut at the French National Center of Space Studies and former Head of the European Astronaut Center at the European Space Agency, veteran of two space flights, aboard the Soyuz in 1992, and the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1999, and an active proponent of space exploration, sent a message highlighting the joint Russian-American initiatives in space exploration beginning in 1975. Up to the present time, he said, “The International Space Station remains an extraordinary experience that has led to considerable scientific progress in a spirit of sharing and by an exemplary peaceful cooperation. It is proof that science does not belong to one country, but to all who inhabit the earth.”

“Today, this experience inspires an even more ambitious and grandiose project, that of an international village on the Moon, a scientific base called ‘Moon Village.’ This visionary project will have more participants than any previous project. It is now proposed by the European Space Agency and is of great interest to China and other countries. This cooperation is so admirable that, even in this time of great tension, it will succeed in bringing world political leaders together for the common goals of humanity. Our world, today unstable, is now ready to move towards peace. It requires a great mission to unite all forces towards this goal.

“Space, in its broadest sense, will be this mission.”

Fernanda Ilhéu

Portugal: Fernanda Ilhéu (Ph.D.), President of “New Silk Road Friends” thanked the Schiller Institute and expressed her best wishes for “very productive work” to come. She reported that Portugal was “one of the countries which joined the One Belt One Road and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. This initiative will change the world, as the Portuguese Maritime Silk Road did in the 15th and 16th Centuries. It doesn´t matter if the paths are from West to East or from East to West, the final outcomes will be similar: a new dimension of globalization that will change the world. The only difference will be the speed and the scale. Now, with new technologies, we can expect to share all their benefits in a more simultaneous way and on a bigger scale.

“Portuguese history and heritage has linked us to China since the 16th Century and our co-existence in Macau is seen by both countries as very positive; so the Chinese government is encouraging Portugal to have an important role in the Atlantic Road, and our geography also clearly recommends it. The Portuguese government is already negotiating with the Chinese government on projects to jointly develop, among others, the blue (maritime) economy cluster.”

Roger Stone

• Roger Stone, a longtime friend of President Donald Trump offered his congratulations for “your efforts to stop the regime change coup underway in the United States, against my long-time friend, President Donald J. Trump. The election of Trump signaled a desire among many Americans, from all walks of life, but especially among the ‘silent majority,’ for a dramatic change of direction in U.S. policy. The American people are tired of the destructive wars our elected leaders have started, which benefit only a small group of elites; they are tired of economic policies which benefit the same small group of elites; and they are sick and tired of being treated as ignorant fools by arrogant and corrupt politicians and journalists. This is not just happening in the U.S., but is part of a worldwide rebellion.

“These policies, of wars and coups, of bailouts and austerity, have caused enormous hardship and loss of lives; have added trillions of dollars of debt to our nation, our businesses, and to American families; have imposed trade deals which benefit those who ship jobs overseas, and close America’s manufacturing enterprises; and have created a financial bubble which, while stealing the savings of millions and shutting down our productive industries, have also robbed our young people of a future.”

George Lombardi

• George Lombardi, a former executive director of the International Council for Economic Development and social media advisor to candidate Donald Trump, applauded President Trump’s collaboration with Presidents Xi and Putin. He contrasted the real Trump to the horrible image of him presented by the media, comparing Trump to FDR in his ‘extreme confidence’ in believing that America’s problems can be solved. The media which attacks Trump, he said, is “not in line with public sentiment,” not reporting that there is ‘tremendous popular support for Trump,” from American business and American workers.