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Press Release


Israelis Oppose Use of Nazi
rsaw Ghetto-Model
Genocide Against Palestinians

LaRouche Movement Supports Israeli Oppposition
Against Sharon's Fascist Genocide Policy

March 16, 2002

On January 30, 2002, economist, statesman, and Democratic Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche issued a statement, entitled Götterdämmerung in Palestine alerting the world to the fact that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, had been documented by none other than the Israeli paper Ha'aretz, as following the "Warsaw Ghetto" model of extermination, in its treatment of the Palestinians. (Click here for statement)

Calling on Americans, and world leaders, to join him in stopping this horror, LaRouche's campaign circulated more than half-a-million leaflets. We reprint the text below.

Yet, as of this late date--more than six weeks later--the Israeli Defense Forces are still blatantly carrying out the very same Nazi-style crimes:

*As reported by the Israeli paper Ha'aretz of March 12, 2002, and confirmed by both BBC and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, the Israeli Armed Forces have now begun to print, or tattoo, identification numbers on the arms of Palstinians whom they are rounding up.

This practice of the Israelis doing to the Palestinians, exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews, has led to a loud outcry within Israel, including from Knesset member Yosef Lapid, himself a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps.

*From the time of the IDF invasion, on February 28, 2002, of the refugee camps, the Israelis have systematically applied the Warsaw Ghetto tactics of
1) cutting off electricity;
2) cutting off and destroying water supplies;
3) laying siege to hospitals, including by cutoffs of power and water;
4) levelling more than 1,620 residences; and
5) rounding up all men and boys in the camps, forcing them to partially strip and stand, with eyes blindfolded, in the sun, and classifying them with different colored hats, before taking them off to be interrogated, or worse.

Israeli Resistance

As of this writing, the reaction against these Nazi-like policies within Israel, has caused more than 300 Army reservists to sign a pledge refusing to serve in the Occupied Territories, because such service forces them to "dominate, expel, starve, and humiliate an entire people" (see www.seruv.org for full statement). Despite the threat of jailings, or worse, these soldiers are holding their ground.

* March 15 article in Ha'aretz reports, under the title "Lysistrata 2002," that the wives (and mothers) of reserve officers are also using Classical tactics to pressure their husbands and sons not to serve in the occupied territories.

Many of the Israelis who are mobilizing against Sharon, stand in the tradition of Yitzhak Rabin, the tough general and advocate of Greater Israel, who had the courage to face the fact that there could be no peace under that policy of occupation. Rabin chose peace over permanent war--and because of it, he was killed. The resistance to Sharon's Warsaw Ghetto tactics seeks to ensure that Rabin's quest for peace is revived.

But where is the international outcry against the Nazi-like war crimes that are being carried out? Where is the human-rights lobby when it comes to Israelis doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them 60 years ago?

We repeat: Join LaRouche! Help him stop this horror, and confront the world with the clear evidence of the horrid intention behind the crimes of the Ariel Sharon government. Support the Israeli resistance, and create the basis for peace. Join the Schiller Institute today.

Questions? Email directly:

For Lyndon LaRouche

For Helga LaRouche


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