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Behind the Iraq War Drive:
"Today's Purloined Letter?"

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
September 20, 2002

Success in finding the right answer to this question, spells the difference between a hideous and foolish war, and a constructive global peace. Which do you prefer? The choice is, speaking collectively, up to you. The question is this:

Did the circle of Jonathan Pollard leftovers, George "Mother" Shultz's so-called "Vulcans," create the current policy of Israel, or did the Israeli government of fascist Vladimir Jabotinsky's followers use those "Vulcans," to conduit the present war policy back into today's George W. Bush Administration? Or, as in Edgar Allan Poe's "The Case of the Purloined Letter," does the truth of the matter lie, ultimately, in plain sight, rather than any of the murky hiding-places commonly worrying the usual official investigators?

To add one Poe metaphor to another, the answer is, that the author of the offending policy in question, is not a human suspect, but what Britain's Thomas Huxley defined as a large, sexually depraved monkey of Huxley's own fabrication, Herbert George Wells. One might ask former Secretary of State, and publicly professed Wellsian, mad Madeleine Albright, about the meddling part played by the Wells monkey-business in U.S. foreign-policy practice, such as her own.

Sometimes, as in the case of the bestial war-policies of the "Vulcans," or the mad Mrs. Albright and her famous salon, to discover the cure for the spread of a deadly epidemic, one must first identify the species of the infectious agent. The species in question is that of Britain's Wells, Bertrand Russell, and their accomplices, the authors of the policy of bringing about a utopian form of world government through the threat of use of nuclear weapons. Russell was THAT SORT OF PACIFIST; unfortunately, many people around the world, have been more or less fatally fooled by the fraudulently crafted, pacifist reputation of that madly mass-murderous Mephistopheles and his culpable followers.

Notably, above all, Bertrand Russell, hated our United States. The authors of the Russellite utopian policies associated with the late Alfred Wohlstetter and the "Vulcans" are nothing but an extension of the stated Russell-Wells intention to destroy the United States. As our publications have quoted Russell's own writings on this point two decades ago:

"...when I first became politically conscious Gladstone and Disraeli still confronted each other amid Victorian solidities, the British Empire seemed eternal, a threat to British naval supremacy was unthinkable, the country was aristocratic, rich and growing richer.... For an old man, with such a background, it is difficult to feel at home in a world of ... American supremacy."

This hatred of the kind of society the U.S.A. represented was expressed by him, typically, in the following excerpt from his 1953 The Impact of Science on Society; he wrote:

"...At present the population of the world is increasing at about 58,000 per diem. War, so far, has had no very great effect on this increase, which continued throughout each of the world wars.... War ... has hitherto been disappointing in this respect ... but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.... The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other peoples'...."

Russell typifies that oligarchical tradition of the Babylonian and Roman empires, which hates the principle of agape (general welfare) which is the essence which Benjamin Franklin breathed into his followers' crafting of the 1776 Declaration of Independence and 1789 draft of the Federal Constitution.

The essence of Russell's post-1928 policy to that effect was defined programmatically by Wells in his 1928 The Open Conspiracy, to which Russell immediately and loudly subscribed. Roots of that utopian policy by Wells and Russell, were expressed as early as 1913, when Wells proposed the use of radium weapons as sufficiently horrible to prompt nations to give up national sovereignty for world government. By the late 1920s, the prospect of developing uranium-based fission weapons was already under consideration, and confirmed by the accumulated work of Meitner and others. It was in this continuing context that Russell used two of his assets, Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner, and others, to induce Einstein to adopt and sign that letter to President Franklin Roosevelt which set the Anglo-American-Canadian nuclear weapons program into motion. It was also the putative "great peace-lover" Russell, who took the lead, at the close of World War II, in proposing the use of nuclear preventive war as a strategy of terror for bringing about world government.

That nuclear policy was key to the development of the RAND Corporation's promotion of the development of the famous nuclear triad of nuclear-armed land, sea, and airborne nuclear warheads, and the motive for the dropping of two unnecessary nuclear bombs on the civilian population of two cities in an already defeated Japan. This is also the key to the curious run-up to the 1944 Democratic Party Presidential nominating convention.

Once the U.S.-led Normandy breakthrough had occurred, the inevitable defeat of Nazi Germany was sealed. The Anglo-American enemies of President Franklin Roosevelt no longer had a desperate need to tolerate his continued Presidency. Vice President Wallace was dumped, and a Senator Truman more pleasing to Churchill was nominated instead. It was at this point, the war virtually won and deployable nuclear weapons on the horizon, that a kernel of hard commitment to a "post-modern" utopian doctrine consistent with that of Wells and Russell, was deeply embedded in those anti-FDR, anti-MacArthur sections of the Anglo-American establishment which have come to be known in military parlance as "the utopians," otherwise referenced by outgoing President Eisenhower's warning against a "military-industrial complex."

From the right-wing intervention into the 1944 U.S. Democratic Party convention to the post-Eisenhower, global rampage of the mass-murderous utopians, it was necessary to rid centers of power of military traditionalists such as MacArthur and Eisenhower, and to wait for the emerging adolescence and young-adulthood of the "Baby Boomers," to introduce a "youth-counterculture" needed to provide the civilian cultural-political complement to a military-utopian policy. The U.S. Indo-China War was prepared and launched, not to win a war, but to use a useless, ugly war to condition the U.S.A., its institutions, and the world at large, to tolerating the utopian military doctrine of the utopians.

This Anglo-American utopian complex is the hand which controls the Israeli military glove in the Middle East, and elsewhere, today. George Shultz is merely typical of the fingers of the hand, whereas "Den mother" ex-Trotskyist Wohlstetter and the "chickenhawks" of today, typify the movements of the glove.

For those of us who remember Philo of Alexandria, Moses Mendelssohn, the Yiddish Renaissance, and former World Jewish Congress leader Nahum Goldmann, there is nothing natural about the role of Zionism under Shamir, Sharon, Netanyahu, and the North American "wise guys" associated with "Mega" today. The Israeli state has come to function as a nuclear puppet, a glove controlled by the hand of the Anglo-American "military-industrial complex."

Complicating Considerations

The evidence is clear and conclusive, but pervasive ignorance on real strategy among the typical U.S. political leaders, creates a deadly crisis of comprehension in the U.S. Congress and population generally.

There are two leading errors of assumption which impel many people around the world, especially in the U.S.A. and Europe, to deny, often hysterically, the relevant plain evidence sitting under their noses.

First, broadly, for people who have no efficient comprehension of real politics, including a majority in the current Congress, it is presumed that efforts to connect Bertrand Russell to the indicated role, must be absurd. There is no evidence to support such disdain, but blind faith in the tooth-fairy, or anything else, remains blind faith. It is a common example of the same kind of irrational mental state of denial which impelled so many foolish Americans to continue to believe in the "New Economy," even as late as the 2000 election-campaign. As it is said often of human nature in such matters, that it is usually the wife, the husband, or the stockbroker's client who is the last to know.

The second relevant type of irrational denial, is doubt that even as famous a nerd as international celebrity Russell could have engineered the manipulation of the U.S.A. into a military-utopian perspective. Among other bits of evidence, one must visit the 1938 founding conference of Russell's and Robert Hutchins' Unification of the Sciences association, which served as a key point of reference for organizing the core of what was brought together.

Typical is the RLE complex at Boston's Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Exemplary is the role of Russell devotees Norbert Wiener and John von Neumann in launching the interrelated "information theory" and "artificial intelligence" frauds. Typical is the role of a Unification of the Sciences offshoot known as the Josaiah Macy, Jr. Foundation in the MIT RLE project, among others. Typical is the RAND Corporation role in this, together with fruit-loop projects developed for the newly spawned Air Force arm.

Typical is the nest of Bertrand Russell's intellectual thugs, such as Kurt Goedel's adversaries, harbored under the auspices of the Princeton Institute.

All this comes back to the same underlying issue. When a typical person has come to equate his, or her personal identity to some ideology, that victim tends to cling tenaciously to the view that that ideology is not an ideology, but, rather, they tend to be gripped by the delusion, that that ideology is "what sound minds naturally tend to accept as the way things are." It is the grip of such ideologies which defines the most common cause for the self-induced collapse of a nation or civilization. The collapse of the so-called "New Economy" is an example of the way in which such a systemic delusion works to ruin the victims of infection with such beliefs. So, entire cultures march to Hell, all the while as confident as legendary lemmings that "we must rely on ideas with which we are comfortable."

So, the hand moves the glove, while it suspends the current President of the U.S.A. like a puppet hung on strings.

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