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Press Release

Nintento Killer Kids Are Being Trained For Utopians' Perpetual Wars

May 3, 2002

Background on "New Violence"

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Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Exposes Joe Lieberman
As Protector Of Hollywood's Nintendo Brainwashers

May 3, 2002, At his international webcast on May 1, 2002, economist, statesman, and Democratic pre-Presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. cited the recent mass killings at a high school in Erfurt, Germany as the latest example of the mass brainwashing of American and European youth, through violent point-and-kill video games.

LaRouche linked the mass distribution and Hollywood promotion of the video games that literally program young people into "stone-cold killers" as an integral part of the Samuel Huntington "utopian" faction's plans for a century of perpetual war, using the computer-brainwashed killer-kids as the recruits to the new "Waffen SS," to be deployed around the globe to conduct mass killings.

In his opening remarks, LaRouche described the Erfurt incident and its implications:

"In Germany, recently, in the city of Erfurt, which is in the eastern part of Germany, there was a killing which involved 19 victims, two students and 17 teachers, in a school, from a fellow who came in with a pump gun and pistol, and killed these people. Like Columbine--one guy. Like Columbine.

"Now, the Germans did a better job, a more honest job, than we've done in the United States, because Hollywood and Joe Lieberman will not tell you the full truth about what's going on inside the United States. Because Hollywood makes a lot of money out of people dying through things like Columbine. And Joe is very close to Hollywood. That's where his money comes from.

"It's a problem, a part of the same thing: Years ago, back in the Korean War period, people like those who admired Sam Huntington up at Harvard, (who wrote "The Soldier and the State," ) complained about the kill ratio in World War II and in the Korean War. That the American soldiers were not firing their guns often enough, and they weren't killing enough people. And therefore, they decided to develop a program, a psychological program, to condition U.S. forces to kill more people, more rapidly, without thinking about it.

"As an outgrowth of this, particularly in the course of the Vietnam business, the Indochina War, that was intermediate, the United States began to experiment more extensively with increasing the kill potential, not only of soldiers, and policemen, but also ordinary teenagers. So, what you have, you have in the Nintendo games, for example, and related types of games, these games are intended to condition young people to become stone, mass killers.

"Now, in the case of Germany, they investigated this case, and other cases, and the police reports in the recent two weeks, have covered a lot of this: how he was trained, where he was trained, how it worked, how it was set up. And the fact that in Germany, which has about one-third the population of the United States, there are listed by these agencies, 170,000 young people who are potential killers of the same type.

"Guess how many we have in the United States?

"Now, look at it. What're we looking at? We're looking at Nintendo games; we're looking at Hollywood-produced entertainment, which has the same essential content. We're having the sexual entertainment of Hollywood, essentially the same content. We know this is going on. We have police departments that are being trained on that basis. We have these wild shootings by policemen, who've been trained to respond in this way--one of the great problems in urban areas. We have kids: a young kid picks up a pistol, never used one before in his life, turned into a stone killer. A marksman. Never fired a pistol before in his life. Picked one up and became a stone killer, one of these types.

"Is this a national security risk? Is this a concern? Should we be aware of this? Should we be aware of what Hollywood represents, of what it's doing to us? Should we also be aware of something else: How many Americans know this is going on? How many American parents know their teenage and younger children are addicts of Pokémon or Nintendo games or similar games, which produce the same effect? What's their attitude about it? What's their attitude about "Harry Potter"? This British production, which induces people to believe that they can solve problems by exerting arbitrary, magical powers to bring about the destruction of people who offend them.

"What about the Tolkien cult, the Lord of the Rings cult, which is a milder form, but the same thing? How many parents know this? You have people talking about pornography on television. Well, that's something. But what about this? Mass killing, and training your child to be -- to kill you? You get two kids sitting out there in the room saying, 'Let's go in and burn Mommy and Daddy tonight.' This is the kind of culture we're creating. And thus, this kind of culture then reflects itself in what? It reflects itself in our military policy overseas, which is insane."

Later, LaRouche was even more explicit about the relation of the video-game brainwashing to the utopian fascist military faction. He said:

"You think these Nintendo games are some accident that crept up on us because of Hollywood? Yes, Hollywood is doing it, doing that kind of thing--. No, this was done by the U.S. military. It was done intentionally, to do what? To create among our youth, stone killers who can be recruited to be sent in various parts of the world, and do there, exactly what the Israelis are doing there."


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