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World Economic Crisis

The presently ongoing crash of the world's present financial system, defines a breaking point in the century of the preceding, post McKinley-assassination, cultural and political history of our planet as a whole. The fact, that the present financial system is beyond saving, requires our acceptance of the available new system waiting in the wings .(See New Bretton Woods. )

Either the world accepts that proposed, admittedly radical change, toward a Hamilton-List-Carey defined notion of "American System of Political Economy", and its great infrastructure development perspective very soon, or the planet may plunge into a spiral of economic and demographic collapse, what is fairly described as a new dark age.

From Stone Age to Space Age:
What Civilization has given us

Alone among all other species, man's numerical increase is a function of increasing mastery over nature- increase of POTENTIAL POPULATION DENSITY- as reflected historically in the increase of actual population density. In transforming his conditions of existence, man transforms himself. The transformation of the species itself is reflected in the increase in estimated of estimated life expectancy over mankind's historical span.

Such changes are primarily located in, and have accelerated over, the last 600 years of man's multi-thousand year existence. Institutionalization of the concept of man in the image of God the Creator during the Golden Renaissance, through the Renaissance creation of the soverign nation-state, is the conceptual origin of the latter expansion of hte potential which uniquely makes man what he is.


estimated for 100,000 B.C. to A.D. 1975:


What is not generally considered is the preceding economic collapse, caused by usurious practices of the then-largest banking families. If the demise of the internet bubble can wipe out 5 trillion dollars in less than a year, how many souls will be sacrificed if the consequences for the physical economy are not addressed?

Source: WHO, Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Diseases mentioned on the above map:

North America: Hantavirus, Drug Resistant TB, West Nile Fever; Mexico/Central America: Dengue, Anthrax;
South America: Yellow Fever, Cholera, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, Bolivian Hemorrhagic fever;
Britain: New Variant CJD (BSE);
Eastern Europe: Typhoid, Diphtheria;
Asia: Polio, Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic fever,Plague, Drug-resistant TB, Epidemic Meningitis, Cholera, Enterovirus;
Africa: Rift Valley Fever, West Nile Fever, Lassa Fever, Drug-resistant Malaria, Ebola Virus, Human Monkeypox, Yellow fever, Cholera, Poliomyelitis, HIV-1,subtype O;
New Guinea:, Dengue;
Australia: Ross River Virus.


The Triple Curve
a Physio-economic singularity

"This curve represents 1966-1971, approximately, the zero point--...since that time, especially since 1971, the characteristic has been that the per-capita real component of US production and consumption has been in a phase of accelerating decline. During the same period, we've had a growth of the total financial aggregates.

"For example, today, that means that, compared with about $41 trillion-equivalent, in terms of official reports, of world gross domestic product, of all nations combined--$41 trillion --that in short-term alone, the total amount of financial aggregate today, in short-term obligations, is over $400 trillion--in other words, at least 10 times the amount of the total annual product of the world as a whole. And that does not include all debt."

(Lyndon LaRouche, excerpted from "Storm over Asia, Take Two", EIR, Sept. 15, 2000)

The reality, which many people do not wish to see, is that the world financial system is in the midst of a hyperinflationary spiral, like that of Germany, 1923. (Coming soon-- "pop goes the bubble!") The above version of Lyndon LaRouche's Triple Curve was first presented at a conference in the Autumn of 1995.

But now, look below:

The Collapse Reaches a Critical
Point of Instability

This is the same curve as above, but now look at the area of the same curve at a critical point, the point at which the rate of monetary expansion rises more rapidly than the rate of financial expansion.

That is the condition into which Germany had entered over the interval March-October 1923.

It is the phase at which the rate of hyperinflationary spiral of financial assets, itself fed by wild-eyed monetary expansion, erupts as an accelerating form of hyperinflationof commodity prices. We see this now with oil and natural gas prices, for example.


Get Serious about the future of humanity.

Civilization is at a crossroads; citizens and governments must act
to reverse the impact of the onrushing financial crisis and economic
depression NOW.

Learn about Physical Economy.
Read FIDELIO Magazine and related publications.
Help implement LaRouche's New Bretton Woods 
Read about the Food For Peace Initiative

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