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Thousands of Officials
Call for LaRouche's Exoneration

In An Open Letter to the President of the United States


On January 26, 1994, the American statesman and physical economist Lyndon H. LaRouche was freed on parole after having served five years in federal prison as a political prisoner.

His freedom came only after an unprecedented international mobilization. Close to 1,000 of America's foremost legal experts had petitioned the court as {amici curiae}, calling the case "a threat to every politically active citizen.'' The case was brought before the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the Organization of American States, and the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). Literally thousands of parliamentarians and other elected officials joined with religious leaders, artists, scientists, and human rights figures from across the globe to demand an end to LaRouche's unjust incarceration. Hundreds traveled in delegations to Washington, D.C. to lobby for LaRouche's freedom.

Finally, after five long years, Lyndon LaRouche was freed on parole. But the fact remains that a terrible crime still goes unanswered. Not only was an innocent man framed, convicted, and wrongfully imprisoned for five years, but, it is now clearly the case, documented by six volumes of unchallengeable evidence, consisting chiefly of government documents and admissions of government-led "task force'' officials, that the U.S. government knew at all relevant times, from 1979 to the present day, that Lyndon H. LaRouche and his co-defendants were innocent of the false charges for which they were convicted. This proof, that the government fraudulently charged, convicted, and imprisoned LaRouche and his associates, knowing they were completely innocent, is part of the public record on file with the Federal appeals court in Richmond, Va.

Yet to this day, not only have the U.S. Federal courts and the Justice Department failed to rectify this fraudulent conviction, but, while this critical evidence sits gathering dust without ever being heard, four of Mr. LaRouche's associates still sit in prison, serving decades-long sentences.

We, the undersigned, are compelled to act in the name of law, to demand that you, Mr. President, along with Attorney General Janet Reno, and the appropriate committees of the U.S. Congress, take any and all measures necessary to ensure the full and immediate exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche. The failure to do so does not stain the honor of Lyndon LaRouche, who has paid a terrible price for his innocence, but the honor of the U.S. justice system and Constitution, which, for more than 200 years prior to this dark episode, stood as the symbols of liberty and justice for all.

This call for the full exoneration of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. has been signed by thousands of U.S. State Legislators, current and former, leading religious and civil rights activists, as well as government, labor, civic and religious leaders from aroundand the world. Signatures are available upon request, along with other material about this gross miscarriage of justice.

In October, 2000, American political prisoner Michael Billington, sentenced to 77 years in prison, was released on parole. He served more than 10 years on federal and state trumped up charges. Although all the LaRouche case defendants have been released from their long jail sentences, the injustice remains

As Martin Luther King so correctly said, "An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere!"

Join the fight for Justice. To order the video about this case, to sign the above petition, or to get active, please contact the Schiller Institute (scroll down for contact information.)

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