Is Dennis King Planning

July 2007
July 27, 2007 (LPAC)--In response to an article written by London's Dennis King entitled "Lyndon LaRouche and the Art of Inducing Suicide," Lyndon LaRouche asked: "Is Dennis King planning suicide?" LaRouche continued: "Dennis would do almost anything, even suicide, just to get attention from those influentials who have become bored by news of his continued existence.

"After all, it is not as if the poor schnook were a member of the human species, but possibly a distant relative of Al Gore by way of a common opossum ancestor."

LaRouche said that he is not going to pay any attention to his suicide. He is not going to encourage him or stop him. He won't waste his efforts to stop him. It is a hopeless cause. He is morally already dead. He is an empty carcass without a soul. His soul, if there ever was one, has long since departed. LaRouche also said that he is not going to send flowers to the funeral. The flowers wouldn't appreciate it. He wouldn't even think of sending flowers to the funeral of someone whose soul has long since departed.

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