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"The World at a Turning Point"

Conference Invitation
ICLC/Schiller Institute
Labor Day Weekend, 2003

You are cordially invited to attend the Labor Day Conference of the Schiller Institute and International Caucus of Labor Committees, “The World is at a Turning Point,” a conference which will likely change your life, and world history. The conference will be held in Northern Virginia, beginning at 2 pm EDT on August 30, through Sunday evening, August 31, 2003.

For the first time ever, the Schiller/ICLC Conference will be held in two locations, one on the West Coast, and one on the East, in order to accommodate the growing number of youth, who are joining the LaRouche Youth Movement, and others. A video hookup will permit efficient, real-time participation by those convened in both locations.

The central theme of this semi-annual conference of the LaRouche political movement is the mobilization against the rush into fascism, led by Synarchist tool Dick Cheney, in the United States. The world is at a turning point, as in 1928-33, when it will be determined whether a new Hitler-style regime will emerge to threaten the world, or whether American patriots will coalesce behind the leadership of LaRouche, toward the establishment of an FDR-style policy which can bring peace and development.

Under this theme, it is especially appropriate that this conference will be dedicated to continuing the mission of the recently deceased H. Graham Lowry, a leading Labor Committee member and historian, who made lasting and invaluable contributions to uncovering and reviving the Leibnizian roots of the American Revolution. (See below for more.)

The increasingly prominent role of Lyndon H. LaRouche in building an international constituency around a global reconstruction program and new monetary system, and a domestic movement to stop Cheney, has paralleled the development of an international LaRouche Youth Movement, which has played an indispensable positive shock role over the past year. In a recent address to a youth gathering, LaRouche described the immediate task of his movement:

“What we have to do, is, we have to not only mobilize the older generation, as well as the younger ones, to fight for the necessary changes—we will not succeed in that unless we become a revolution of ideas. The revolution of ideas is essentially, first of all, to rediscover the principle of truth, as scientific effectiveness defines a sense of truth, and to put the value of a human being—all parts of the human family—as being in this characteristic of an individual person to discover universal physical principles, and related kinds of principles: to pick them up from previous generations, value them as gifts from earlier generations, from all over the world, in point of fact, as gifts we must transmit, enhanced, to future generations. That is a sense of the future, a commitment to the future, which gives us the ability to mobilize ourselves for all kinds of good things.”

Join the LaRouche Youth Movement, and others, in making that revolution of ideas, that will make this historical moment, a turning point toward a happy future for all mankind.

As pre-registration is required, please contact your local office of the Schiller Institute or LaRouche movement as soon as possible, if you wish to attend. There is a nominal registration fee.

Contributions to finance this historic event are urgently needed, and we thank you in advance for your support. Please contribute generously and become a sponsor of this conference. Sponsors who donate $500 or more can have their names listed in the conference program. (Contributions are not tax deductible).

Pass the word! The conference proceedings will be broadcast live through our website, www.schillerinstitute.org and also on www.larouchepub.com , as well as Mr. LaRouche's own campaign website. All panels will be archived on the websites just a few hours after they end.

(go to conference program)

Saturday, August 30, 2003, 2pm Eastern Time
Sunday, August 31, 2003, 10 am Eastern Time


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