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February 16-17, 2002


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Presidents' Day 2002 Conference Announcement

You are cordially invited to participate in the Presidents' Day Conference of the Schiller Institute and the International Caucus of Labor Committees (ICLC), held February 16-17, in northern Virginia, and carried live,(audio/video) on this site, http://www.schillerinstitute.org.

This, the first Schiller Institute/ ICLC Conference since the September 11th attempted coup d'etat against the U.S. government, will be of decisive importance for the future of the United States, and the world. So far, every center of official leadership in this country, and internationally, has failed to meet the challenge of the current world crisis, in which civilization itself is faced with a global economic and financial breakdown crisis, and the onslaught of a global fascist cabal determined to establish a new Roman Empire. The outstanding exception to this record is ICLC founder, statesman, pre-eminent economist, and 2004 Democratic Presidential precandidate Lyndon H. LaRouche.

LaRouche's leadership since Sept. 11th has provided hope to people around the world, who have been understandably confused, or frightened, by this terrifying turn in world events. His prominence and courage, in telling the truth about the nature of the coup, and providing the approach for solving the world financial breakdown which he forecast, have spread his influence enormously. While this has been most visible internationally, it is clear that the threshhold for a breakthrough into visible political prominence for LaRouche and his political movement in the United States itself is being reached.

As LaRouche has stressed, this is a revolutionary time, specifically a time for the continuation of the American revolutionary principles by which republicans from Europe, in particular, established the world's premier nation state on the basis of the commitment to the "general welfare," or the "common good." Those principles, which were virtually buried during the 20th century -- with the exception of the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt -- must now be renewed and revived. LaRouche put it this way: "The best features of the past history of our republic, and the related, best features of our past relations with Europe, the Far East, and within the Americas, beckon to us, telling us to return to the American intellectual tradition, which inspired Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt during those memorable past moments, when that tradition was all that saved our republic from a threatened descent into oblivion."

The Presidents' Day Schiller Institute/ICLC conference will feature discussion of the historical, philosophical, scientific, and economic dimensions of LaRouche's strategic assessment, and examine the means by which the American Revolution can indeed be revived. The current crisis of war and depression will not be solved by gimmicks, slogans, or wishful thinking. If you want to commit yourself to solving the current crisis, and making a positive contribution to humanity, we urge you to participate in this conference. Call the nearest office of the Schiller Institute or LaRouche movement, or the number 703-297-8368, for information about pre-registration.

To hear all the sessions of this conference, live

Link to Audio/Video Webcast

Transcripts and Audio/Video archive will be online within 2 days of the conference.

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