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SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2001
Rutgers University Campus Camden


Camden--Stand Up, As Citizens, Or Be Enslaved!

Recently, the state of New Jersey once again attempted to have the Hon. Mayor Gwendolyn Faison "put the slaves back into bondage" by agreeing to a takeover of the city, to be administered by a dictator called a "chief operating officer", not an elected official. They offered $150 million for the slave auction, slightly less than $2000 for every man woman and child in the city. Actually, the money was not even to purchase the people, but only to "beautify" the downtown for "tourists". $30 million was to go to the aquarium alone.

Councilman Israel Nieves pointed out, in his letter denouncing the "Camden Purchase", that "While I recognize that our City benefits by the significant infusion of capital dollars in the proposed legislation, I must strongly object to the degree to which Camden's neighborhoods are overlooked. If you ask any resident of our City, they will tell you that crime and drugs and the overall quality of life in our neighborhoods is the biggest problem which confronts our City. Yet this legislation provides funding to expand the Aquarium and to beautify the downtown area..without providing any real positive impact in our neighborhoods."

The economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, who opposes the Camden takeover, says. "The fundamental principle of a Republican form of government as opposed to a government which is owned by some person or class of people, is that the only legitimate authority of government to exist, is its authority and responsibility for the promotion of the General Welfare of all living persons and their posterity." The citizens must ally across ethnic divisions, and meet the attempt to impose dictatorship head on. How far is your opposition prepared to go, if you don't?
Few are aware that, at the turn of the century, the American Museum of Natural History's Henry Fairfield Osborn, the Bronx Zoo's director, William Temple Hornaday, and the New York Zoological Society's Madison Grant, placed an African from the Congo on display at the Bronx Zoo. Despite the protests of various clergy, the African, named Ota Benga, was kept on display, sharing a cage with apes. Osborn, Hornaday, and Grant, all defended this as required "to show The African in his natural habitat". This crime has never been denounced by these institutions.

What does this have to do with Camden?

In February 1992, Dr.Frederick Goodwin of the NIMH, gave a speech to the National Advisory Mental Health Council, comparing people in the inner city to monkeys in a jungle. "If you look, for example, at male monkeys...roughly half of them survive to adulthood. the other half die by violence. The is the natural way of it for males, to knock each other off...the same hyper-aggressive monkeys who kill each other are also hypersexual. ... Now, one could say that...some of the loss of structure in this society, and particularly in the high impact inner city areas, has removed some of the civilizing evolutionary things that we have built up and that maybe it isn't just careless use of the word when people call certain areas of certain cities jungles, that we may have gone back to what is more natural... "

What does this have to do with Camden?

Hopefully, your response to all of this is, "We are not animals. We are not slaves; we are citizens." Are you prepared to convince the rest of your fellow citizens of that? We need to rally Camden citizens in the spirit of Martin Luther King's Civil Rights movement.

Our citizens must free themselves from the self-destructive, suicidal passivity that justifies the blatant disregard for their humanity, that the "city takeover scam-artists" show. They require a morally uplifting experience, that re-affirms their humanity. Therefore, we are offering this Classical concert, consisting of African-American Spirituals and selections from the world's great music, as appropriate to strengthening the idea of Human Dignity, so denied to the citizens of Camden by the evil-doers that believe they "know what's best for the natives".

Remember, that Marian Anderson, one of the greatest singers of all time, was born and reared in Philadelphia in a poor neighborhood. Remember, that the African-American Spiritual is the only original contribution made by America to world culture. The Spiritual is for everyone, especially those oppressed by tyranny.

Camden--"keep your hand on the plow" and hold on to your Freedom!!!

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2001
Rutgers University Campus Camden
Gordon Theater - 3rd and Cooper Streets,
Camden New Jersey

4 p.m.
Get out the Vote Meeting
with Elected Officials and Candidatesfor Political Office

5 p.m.
Free Concert
African-American Freedom Songs and Classical Art Songs

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