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Schiller Institute/ICLC Conference and Webcast
Presidents' Day Weekend
February 14-15, 2004

''..But scarce the word had him departed,
Fain had he in his breast it guarded;
In vain! The mouth with horror white
Brings consciousness of guilt to light.
And 'fore the judge they're apprehended,
The scene becomes the justice hall,
And guilty have the villains pleaded,
Struck by the vengeance beam they fall.''

from ``The Cranes of Ibykus'' by Friedrich Schiller

Reality in the coming weeks and months will not be determined by the corrupt Democratic National Committee(DNC), the lying DNC-sanctioned pre-candidates for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, or by synarchist Beastman Dick Cheney. As Lyndon LaRouche has emphasized, it will be determined by the impact of the global financial (or other) shock that will hit the population of the United States. When that inevitable shock hits, people will be put to the test. The evil of the powers-that-be will be exposed, just as the Erinyes exposed them in Friedrich Schiller's great poem, ``The Cranes of Ibykus.'' At that point, if people capitulate to the likes of the DNC and Cheney, the United States itself is headed for destruction.

As Mr. LaRouche stated during a January 10, 2004 International Webcast:

``Ibykus was a real-life character, of ancient Greece. He was a famous poet. He was not a great poet, but he was a famous and popular poet. And the story about him goes essentially as follows, as it's relevant to the case of the Degenerating National Committee, as its called, today.

``He was on the way to participate in a conference at Corinth, where he was to be featured as a poet. And on the way, he was overtaken by two robbers, who robbed him and murdered him. And, dying of the wounds inflicted upon him, in his death agony, he looked up, and there were two cranes flying overhead. And he cried out. `Let these two cranes be witness to the murder which is being done to me here!' And he died.

``And, then events proceeded, including the two murderers, who went to Corinth, and sat in the crowd. In the course of this event, the Erinyes, the monsters who take vengeance on the wrongdoer--sort of a spiritual force, who suddenly appear, as apparitions, and destroy and tear apart, those who have been the wrongdoers--appeared. And the appearance of these monsters was so frightening to the guilt-ridden criminals, the murderers, that they revealed their identity--and were so judged, because they exposed themselves for the murderers, the criminals, they were.''

As LaRouche concluded, we are building a movement, centered on a youth movement. That's the mission-orientation of the moment. Because, we're marching toward a point of crisis, which will settle accounts with the ``murderers'' and their crimes will be called to account, rather soon. The date on which this will occur is not yet certain. But, the arrival of that date, is inevitable.

We invite you to attend this world-historic conference and to join the movement of Lyndon LaRouche to defeat the synarchist international and to fight for the principle of the General Welfare in behalf of the ``Forgotten Man'' in this nation and throughout the world.

This event will be held in two locations simultaneously, with live satellite hookups on both the East Coast and the West Coast locations. Pre-registration is required for either location.  Please contact your local representative, or call 703-297-8368. There is a nominal fee for the conference. 

To sponsor the conference, and help defray the costs of this historic event, please contribute generously. Contributions are not tax deductible, but they are urgently needed and appreciated.

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