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Second year for the Roncole Festival
in the Verdi tuning (A=432 Hz)

by Liliana Gorini
May 2016

Liliana Gorini is chairwoman of Movisol, the association of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in Italy.

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

The organ that Giuseppe Verdi played while a child.

This year in Roncole, birth town of Giuseppe Verdi, the Roncole Festival in the Verdi tuning will take place again, thanks to the efforts of Maestro Silvano Frontalini. The big novelty in respect to last year is the cooperation with the Chinese Conservatory of Chengdu.

As Mo. Frontalini explained to us: “two sopranos are coming from this Conservatory, and they will sing with a piano tuned to A=432 Hz as will all the other singers. It is a first attempt of cooperation with China, which will continue in December 2016 when the whole orchestra of the Conservatory of Chengdu (76 musicians) will tour Italy. Next year we trust that the concerts of the third Roncole Festival will be brought also to China. Besides, there is an invitation to the choir of that city to give a concert in the parish of Verdi in Roncole in 2017”.

The parish Church of Roncole preserves the organ on which the beloved Italian composer started playing as a child, and on July 23rd and 30th two of the concerts of the Festival will be actually dedicated to his organ music. The second Roncole Festival is, in fact, spread throughout all the “Verdi territory,” and will feature concerts in Salsomaggiore Terme (July 19th, 21st and 26th), as well as an homage to Giuseppina Strepponi, in the castle of Rocca di Soragna (July 27th).

The very interesting program of this year’s festival is featured on the website, which dedicates a page also to the Verdi Tuning campaign all over the world, and in particular to the Schiller Institute, including its recent concert in Manhattan (Handel’s Messiah):