Details on Country and State fields:

If the country field is left blank, or if, after spaces, tabs, periods and hyphens are removed, and all letters are converted to lower-case, the text entered in the Country field matches any of the following, the country is considered to be the USA:
unitedstatesofamerica, unitedstates, usa, us.

If the country is thus considered to be the USA, then, the text entered in the State field, after the same processing as the Country field, plus removal of "us", "usa", "unitedstates" or "unitedstatesofamerica" from the beginning if it exists, must be at least two letters long, and either match the name of a state exactly, or match its two-letter postal identifier exactly, or be a prefix of one and only one of the names of the states.

The following are the names of the states with spaces removed, each followed by its postal identifier (‘Northern Mariana Islands’ is alternately named ‘Northern Marianas’): alabama, al, alaska, ak, americansamoa, as, arizona, az, arkansas, ar, armedforcesamericas, aa, armedforceseurope, ae, armedforcespacific, ap, california, ca, colorado, co, connecticut, ct, delaware, de, districtofcolumbia, dc, florida, fl, georgia, ga, guam, gu, hawaii, hi, idaho, id, illinois, il, indiana, in, iowa, ia, kansas, ks, kentucky, ky, louisiana, la, maine, me, marshallislands, mh, maryland, md, massachusetts, ma, michigan, mi, micronesia, fm, minnesota, mn, mississippi, ms, missouri, mo, montana, mt, nebraska, ne, nevada, nv, newhampshire, nh, newjersey, nj, newmexico, nm, newyork, ny, northcarolina, nc, northdakota, nd, northernmarianaislands, northernmarianas, mp, ohio, oh, oklahoma, ok, oregon, or, palau, pw, pennsylvania, pa, puertorico, pr, rhodeisland, ri, southcarolina, sc, southdakota, sd, tennessee, tn, texas, tx, utah, ut, vermont, vt, virginia, va, virginislands, vi, washington, wa, westvirginia, wv, wisconsin, wi, wyoming, wy