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Labor Day Weekend
September 4-5, 2004

"Now comes the Hopeful Reality
Which The Cowards Denied"

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

August 6, 2004

The intersection of the presently onrushing collapse of the world's present monetary-financial system with the eruption of a new wave of Monday “We Are The People” demonstrations in the eastern regions of Germany, signals the end of more than forty years of history, since the great thermonuclear-missiles-crisis of 1962. The delusions of that generation of Americans and Europeans which have increasingly dominated the directions of national and international developments during the recent four decades, are now coming to a sudden end.

As a result, the world, especially the United States now wracked by the onrush of a new general election, are faced with decisions as crucial as those of the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt's first campaign for the Presidency. Now, as then, the outcome of the presently exploding period of crisis will be decided, as during the 1933-1945 interval, largely by the way politics goes inside the U.S.A. at this critical juncture in world affairs.

Now, once again, as when the choice between Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt determined whether the U.S.A. would go fascist or defeat the fascism pouring out of Europe, we the people of the U.S.A. must assume the burden of deciding which branch of the road of world history the planet as a whole takes under the presently onrushing economic break-down of the world's present, floating-exchange-rate, monetary-financial system.

The good news of the moment, is that what we, of this movement have stood for, for more than a quarter-century, has been vindicated by current events, where all our opponents have either failed to address this presently onrushing reality, or have been part of the causes for the problem.

This, however, is not a time for us to gloat over our complete vindication by presently breaking developments in world history. It is time for us to assume the awful responsibility which that vindication puts upon our shoulders. It is a time for us to act together in the way history has put new duties into our hands.


Aug. 20—Former Democratic Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, now head of the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee, will keynote the traditional Labor Day conference of the LaRouche Movement on Sept. 4. LaRouche's theme will be "A New World Economic System Takes Over."

LaRouche's address will be broadcast live on the internet at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. It will be available over the websites and

The overall theme of the Conference, which is expected to be a major gathering of the growing LaRouche Youth Movement, is "The Crash You were Hoping For is Here!" Guests will participate in two locations, one outside Los Angeles, and the other outside Washington, D.C.

Following Mr. LaRouche, his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche, a national political leader in Germany, will address the conference on the topic "How This World Collapse Broke Out in Germany First." Mrs. LaRouche, her BueSo party, and the LaRouche Youth Movement, have recently sparked a series of nationwide Monday demonstrations against austerity in Germany, the which are directly challenging the austerity policies of the German government.


This event, which will be broadcast live on this site, will be held in two locations simultaneously, via live satellite hookup, on both the East Coast and the West Coast locations. Pre-registration is required for either conference location.  Please contact your local representative, or call either 703-297-8368 or 703-297-8368. There is a nominal fee for the conference. 

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