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Strategic Studies

pentagon 9-11
Smoke billowing from the
Pentagon, near Washington, D.C.
on September 11, 2001

This Was Part of an Ongoing COUP D'ETAT
Against the USA

Interviews, Speeches, and Dialogues
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr


Vernadsky poster

Vernadsky Poster
Moscow Conference

Lyndon LaRouche in India

LaRouche in India,

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Bad Schwalbach

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, and Amelia Boynton Robinson, with African, Asian, and Ibero-American Delegates to the 2001 Conference of the Schiller Institute in Bad Schwalbach


Magnetically Levitated Trains

Will Be the Key Transporation for the New

Infrastructure Development Corridors

of the
21st Century


The "Grasso Abrazo"

Grasso abrazo

Wall Street and Narcoterrorists:

In June 1999, New York Stock Exchanges President Richard Grasso (left) and Raul Reyes, the 'money man' for the FARC narcoterrorists, embraced in the jungles of Columbia.

The FARC is Ibero-America's largest terrorist drug cartel, providing the vast majority of cocaine coming into the United States. What does that make Grasso and the New York Stock Exchange?

Mobiilize to
Defeat Dope, Inc!


The Name for Peace is Development

Call for a Dialogue of Cultures

LaRouche: “Guns of August” statement—New !
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What is Synarchism?

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The British Empire, Barack Obama, and World War III


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