A Fifty-Year Development Policy for the Indian-Pacific Oceans Basin has been republished in flowing text ebook formats on Amazon's Kindle store and the Google Play Books store.  This was written just before So You Wish to Learn All About Economics? and covers much of that material from a different approach.  Reading it now will give you an even greater sense of the power of Lyn's ideas to shape history.

This 1983 proposal by Lyndon LaRouche is not just a technical array of (now mostly completed or rapidly developing toward completion) transformative projects aimed at bringing Indian-Pacific nations into the modern world, but one of the most detailed explications of LaRouche’s economic ideas.

The fact that many Asian nations have eagerly adopted his ideas to leapfrog from poverty to the frontiers of science and space development, while the “leaders” of most of North America and Western Europe have fearfully clung to old discredited imperial geopolitical doctrines, underlines the importance and also the controversial nature of this work.

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